An emotional downfall often follows the holiday season. Holidays come with a lot of pressure and expectations. On the verge of Christmas, we already feel too overwhelmed with emotions, too tired to carry on with the festive mood. Overall, winters can be tough on us. The lack of sunlight, cold weather, and the grey sky is enough to feel blue and unmotivated during the rest of the winter months. However, this shouldn’t be this way. Even if winter is hard in your home country, it is not the same in other regions. Many countries have perfect winters. They are full of sun, warmth, and fresh tropical fruits. Traveling in winter, or maybe even during the holidays, can be the perfect way to have your portion of necessary vitamin D, not to mention a splash of positive emotions and adventures. The question arises, how to execute such plans in the most effective and safe way. Especially in a year like this one. Well, cruises, for one, can be a perfect solution. The tourist industry has a number of great winter cruises. Let’s see what they are. 

The Caribbean

The market right now is full of various Caribbean cruises. Winter is a perfect time to visit the Carribeans. The weather is not so hot or humid. The tourist flow is not so intense. Overall, the number of cruises to the Carribeans are drastically increasing towards winter. It is easy to explain. People are hungry to feel the heat and the sun on their skin. Overall, do we really need to explain why people are attracted to the idea of visiting the Bahamas or Barbuda in winter? Most winter cruises to the Caribbeans will last at least seven days. It can be just enough time to enjoy being on a ship, swimming in warm waters, relaxing at gorgeous beaches, and trying some scuba diving and things like this. It can become a perfect runaway trip from all the holiday-related worries and chores. 


A typical cruise to Hawaii lasts from 7 to 14 days. Don’t worry, though. It will be more than enough to enjoy the islands’ beauty and receive enough vitamin D for the rest of the winter. Any Hawaiian cruise can be a perfect way to spend some high-quality winter holidays with your family. They are very fun and entertaining. Besides, they are often less expensive than the rest of the similar cruises. If you are lucky, you may even see the whales during your voyage. They are often visitors of these waters during the winter seasons, starting with January. 


It may come as a surprise to some people, but not everybody is looking for a way to enjoy warm beaches in winter. The high popularity of winter cruises to the Northern parts of the world can confirm this. Yes, winter cruises to Norway and other Northern European states are quite popular among tourists. First of all, winter is the perfect time for the famous Northern Lights. Most cruises are so confident about the possibility of sightseeing this natural wonder that they are ready to return your money back if this is not happening on your trip. This is quite reassuring, isn’t it? Most cruises will get you as far as the Arctic Circle to show the beauty of the Northern winter. 

Of course, on such cruises, you won’t be able to swim in the ocean or have a lovely day at the beach. Though, you get to experience something so rare and beautiful as seeing the Northern Lights. Frankly, you’ll need to read quite a few advanced writers reviews to find professionals who can really describe this phenomenon to you. Perhaps, it is better to see it with your own eyes. 


Those with the true spirit of adventures may enjoy taking a cruise to Antarctica. Yes, it is a real thing now. These days cruises to Antarctica are rather common and popular. Of course, many tourists go there since they have tried everything else on the list. Many people are fulfilling their dreams of seeing the South pole for themselves. Many are just up for any adventures. Overall, there can be multiple reasons people decide to take a cruise to the Antarctic. 

Of course, such cruises may take additional preparation, both mental and physical. These are not regular cruises. First of all, not every ship can access the waters in that region. Many companies have rather small ships perfect for 50-200 people. Second, such trips can be out of your comfort zone. If it is something you are looking for as a tourist, this cruise is perfect for you. However, it’s better to be prepared for some challenges on the way. Due to small ship sizes, cabins may be small and very minimalistic. The common space is also limited. The weather, of course, will get colder with every day you are approaching the Antarctic. 

Surely, every tourist will get their reward as soon as the ship approaches the shores of Antarctica. The nature, the feeling of freedom, and the total absence of life there is something unique and mesmerizing. It’s even better if you learn more about Antarctica before you go there. Ordering an academic paper on the matter can help. Just don’t forget to read a writersperhour review to learn what you can order. 


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