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New study reveals the world’s most romantic destinations for a Christmas proposal

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A marriage proposal is one of the most important milestones in your relationship. Some make the occasion special with big gestures, while others choose to surprise their partner on holiday. But with so many romantic locations to choose from, what are the best and most affordable destinations for a proposal in 2024?

New research from travel insurance experts, PayingTooMuch, uncovers the world’s best proposal destinations, comparing the costs and availability of accommodation, dining options and couple-based activities. TikTok views were also looked at to reveal the most popular proposal destinations and landmarks.  

You can find the full research here: https://www.payingtoomuch.com/blog/2023/10/19/the-world-s-best-proposal-destinations/ 

Santorini is crowned the most romantic destination for wedding proposals

Santorini, Greece is the most romantic proposal destination, offering the highest number of romantic hotels (39) and restaurants (13) per 1,000 people. 

The Amalfi Coast in Italy comes in second, with the lowest average cost for a bottle of wine (£4.30) and the highest number of activity options available (48). The region’s most popular attractions cost £71 on average, which is cheaper than in Santorini (£168). 

Agra, India rounds out the top three thanks to the accommodation coming to an average cost of £14 per night, the cheapest of all locations looked at. Three-course meals for two in the city are also affordable, averaging just £11.62. 

RankLocationCountryNumber of romantic restaurants (per 1,000 people)Av. cost of a three-course meal for 2Av. cost of a bottle of wineNumber of activities (per 1,000 people)Av. cost of top attractionsNumber of romantic hotels
(per 1,000 people)
Av. cost of accommodation per night
2Amalfi CoastItaly6.56£34.39£4.3048£70.175.71£226.00
5Hội AnVietnam0.71£9.09£6.612.7£54.591.57£16.50

See the full top 20 ranking here

The five most affordable romantic destinations for marriage proposals

Hội An, Vietnam, is the most affordable proposal destination, offering the lowest average cost for a three-course meal for two (£9.09). The city is also home to low-cost accommodation, averaging just £16.50 per night. 

Agra in India comes in second, thanks to its cheap accommodation and meals. Additionally, the city’s top attractions cost an average of £56.10. 

Marrakech, Morocco, rounds out the top three, with its most popular attractions costing an average cost of £28.53. Marrakech also has affordable accommodation, at an average of £58.50 per night. 

For those in the UK wanting to travel closer to home, Seville also ranked in the top five most affordable destinations. With the cost of the top attractions averaging £30.14, and a bottle of wine priced at £4.30, Seville offers an enticing combination of cultural experiences and budget-friendly options for travellers seeking a memorable getaway without breaking the bank.

RankLocationCountryAv. cost of a three-course meal for 2Av. cost of a bottle of wineAv. cost of top attractionsAv. cost of accommodation per night
1Hội AnVietnam£9.09£6.61£54.59£16.50

New York’s Central Park is crowned the most popular landmark, boasting the highest number of hashtag views on TikTok (24 million). Rome’s Trevi Fountain is also very popular, with 16.1 million hashtag views on the platform. 

The World’s five most popular landmarks where people propose:

  1. Central Park – 24,000,000 views
  2. Trevi Fountain – 16,101,034 views
  3. Disneyland – 7,100,000 views
  4. Walt Disney World – 4,656,900 views
  5. Eiffel Tower – 1,538,500 views

Paris is the most popular proposal destination in the world on social media, with 78.8 million TikTok views for posts with proposal hashtags. The Eiffel Tower is also one of the most iconic proposal spots in the world, with 1.5 million views. 

  1. Paris – 78,800,000 views
  2. Lake Como – 13,896,200 views
  3. Napa Valley – 11,300,000 views
  4. London – 10,445,800 views
  5. New York – 6,951,700 views

London is revealed as the most popular UK destination on social media, with 10.4 million TikTok views. In the UK, Cornwall ranks in second place with over 320 thousand views for proposals in this coastal destination. 

  1. London – 10,445,800 views
  2. Cornwall – 320,100 views
  3. Edinburgh – 33,900 views
  4. Lake District – 2,163 views
  5. Loch Lomond – 2,034 views