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The Abacos Are Back: The Moorings Re-Adds Charter

Leading luxury yacht charter company, The Moorings, has begun operating out of The Abacos island based in the Bahamas again after the fleet was temporarily put on hold due the damaging effects of category 5, Hurricane Dorian in 2019, followed by a global pandemic that further slowed down the island’s recovery progress. Now 3 years later, the island has experienced tremendous growth in its rebuilding, and The Moorings is proudly bringing its guests back to the area.

As a top boating, fishing and sailing paradise – The Abacos makes a perfect (re)addition to The Moorings’ impressive roster of charter sought after destinations including the British Virgin Island’s, Greece, Tahiti, among others. The Moorings travelers can yet again explore The Abacos on foot, taking in the charming colonial towns, golf courses, restaurants and other local delights the island has to offer. Read more about the Abacos Yacht Charter below:

Abacos Yacht Charter

Cruise to Abaco Island, circled by a number of smaller islands and home to picturesque colonial towns. Billowing sails dot the Sea of Abaco where under the water walls of coral and schools of tropical fish provide divers an excellent opportunity to experience the vibrant sea life at its best. Countless activities, ranging from visiting historic sites to snorkeling to taste testing local dishes, will fill travelers’ days with unforgettable memories.