Since the 1970s, meditation, mindfulness and exercise have been studied as possible treatments for anxiety and depression. One stress-reduction technique, in particular, continues to become increasingly popular and it’s not just because of the rise in attractive leggings. Yoga is one of the fastest growing industries with over 300-million people worldwide admitting to being self-proclaimed ‘yogis.’ The modern practice, which is rooted in over 5000 years of ancient Indian texts and traditions, offers physical and mental benefits for people of all ages. For many people, yoga is an integral part of their daily or weekly routine as it helps to improve strength and balance, relieve back pain, benefit heart health and manage stress, to name a few. It is a large addition to better self-care, which we heard can also be said about Vitamin D and the best source of Vitamin D is the sun…

When we can all travel safely again, consider taking your practice a little further south to the twin-islands of Antigua & Barbuda. Indulge in a week, or more of much-needed renewal and restoration in a country devoted to your optimal yoga retreat. India might have invented it, but the best place to find ‘zen’ is in Antigua & Barbuda. Relax on stunning pink and white-sand beaches in between your practice, get centered as you overlook the Caribbean Sea, and let the ocean waves lull you deeper into ‘savasana’. Here are the top yoga retreats in Antigua & Barbuda where you can roll out your yoga mats and whisper, Namaste!

Carlisle Bay

Just one look at your accommodations is all it will take for your jaw to unclench, your shoulders to relax, and your neck to feel new again. The picture-perfect Carlisle Bay is awaiting your arrival at their Yoga and Integrative Health Retreat. Carlisle Bay is a luxury resort situated on a perfect white-sand beach, on turquoise waters and nestled amid a rainforest. Establish your daily routines for 2021 with your daily sunrise and sunset meditation and honour your body with secluded nature walks. Before your head hits the pillow, practice a nightly gentle and restorative yoga with pranayama. Evening yoga is a long-honoured method to release physical and mental daily stressors allowing a more peaceful sleep. Once you step foot on the majestic Carlisle Bay you will understand why there is no better place for your daily mountain pose.


Energie is an aesthetically beautiful yoga retreat and holistic hub in English Harbour. No matter your style or skill level you will find a yoga class to suit your needs. All classes take place in the Ananda Room, an air-conditioned, yoga-dedicated studio offering impeccable panoramic views. If you’d prefer to be closer to nature, then take your practice outdoors and seek solace amid the natural beauty of the island. Varying yoga style classes are offered Monday-Friday throughout the day. All Energie instructors are dedicated to perfecting form and are always available for on-hand adjustments, proper alignment, and education. Re-fuel post-class at ‘Clean Food‘N Jooce’ where they are serious about juicing and use only the freshest raw produce in an assortment of foods curated by a renowned chef. When not practicing, retreat goers can book massages or use the state-of-the-art gym dedicated to both functional strength training and cardio. Personal training and group classes are available in spaces Energie prides on never being crowded.

Hermitage Bay

Discover Hermitage Bay, an all-inclusive, 5-star luxury boutique resort nestled on the hillside of a hidden, sandy bay. This is the ultimate escape sure to restore and sooth the anxiety of the past year. Begin each morning with an hour-long complimentary Pilates session on the Spa Deck. Or treat you and your loved one to 75-minute yoga and meditation classes designed to reduce stress, boost energy, and help you feel at peace with your surroundings. This is the perfect place to relax and let go of all the negativity and uncertainty that has been plaguing us. If you want to challenge yourself to improve your skills in yoga and Pilates or delve deeper into the world of meditation, the Hermitage offers private sessions in the Garden Spa for an additional fee. The resort is one of the most romantic on the island, and more than 99 per cent of the clientele are couples. So, whether you’re looking for a honeymoon destination or dreaming of bringing back the sparkle in your relationship – this is the place for you. The resort’s thirty suites are all situated just a stone’s throw from the bay’s turquoise waters and white-sand beach.

Blue Waters Resort & Spa

On the north-western shores of Antigua, you’ll find the luxurious Blue Waters Resort and Spa. The resort, surrounded by a tropical paradise, is 17-acres of gardens that provide a healing environment to cleanse your body and soul. It has proven itself the ideal setting for a yoga and wellness escape. Blue Waters offers a holistic approach program that begins with a lifestyle and health consultation to determine where further focus is necessary: stress management, sleep wellness, weight loss, corrective postural training, and lung and heart functionality. The purpose of the program is to give guests the tools they need to recharge, reset, and achieve results.

Wild Lotus Camp

If you like camping but still need a little glamour then you are going to love glamping at Wild Lotus Camp in Bolans, Antigua. Situated on Valley Church Beach, two miles of pristine shoreline, this is your chance to disconnect from the outside world for as long as you choose. The Yoga and Wellness Retreats by Wild Lotus is a four-day experience dedicated to their loving care for you. The retreat offers a unique blend of mindfulness, personal and group coaching, nature-based therapies, and immersive local experiences. Take the skills you learn here home with you as you return to your chaotic and bustling life. All yoga is taught on the shoreline encouraging a peaceful and meditative state. You might confuse heaven and your accommodations as you step inside your magical Lotus bell tent situated right on the beach. Just steps away from the Caribbean Sea, tiki torches and twinkling strings of fairy lights will guide you during your evening stroll.

Sugar Ridge Spa & Sport

Named after the island’s famous sweet sugar cane, Sugar Ridge is the perfect location for a week of health, wellness, and yoga. Guests of Sugar Ridge are welcomed to complimentary yoga and daily sun salutations in a facility built-in 2018. Open on all sides with a roof protecting ‘yogis’ from the elements, The Shed is one of the premiere places to practice yoga in the Caribbean. Yoga classes are conducted six days a week by certified instructors, with a weekly schedule posted on the hotel’s events board. Sugar Ridge regularly hosts yoga retreats. 


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