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10 Easy Ways to Spread Kindness (Not Germs)

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We’re social distancing. We’re self-isolating. We’re following the rules.

We’re working from home, and washing our hands, and avoiding touching our faces. People are using masks, and wearing gloves, and diligently wiping down every surface with Lysol, Clorox, or Purell products (sometimes a combination of all three).

In the past few weeks, the world has transitioned into a new normal…at least for the time being. In these unprecedented times during the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems as if we’ve all become overnight experts in sanitization – fighting germs and practicing prevention like never before. And while we’ve certainly gotten better about mitigating the spread germs, now it’s time to focus on spreading something just as contagious: kindness.

In times of crisis or emergency, it’s always so inspiring to see how quickly people stand up and ask, “What can I do to help?” Thankfully, one of the easiest ways we all can help is by being kind. From tiny intentions to grand gestures, we’ve compiled a list of 10 kind (but simple) acts that you can start practicing today. After all, the world could use a little more kindness, especially now.

1. Practice CDC Guidelines

One of the kindest and most thoughtful things you can do right now is follow the best practices and guidelines shared by the CDC. Things continue changing day-to-day, so stay informed with all of the latest updates by visiting the Protect Out Paradise website. There, you’ll find a collection of valuable links and resources to help you stay healthy and keep the ones around you safe.

2. Support Local Businesses

There’s no denying that times are tough. And it’s unnerving not knowing when we can expect things to go back to normal. Countless people have already been furloughed or let go due to the COVID-19 crisis and our hearts go out to them and their families. For those fortunate enough to still be able to help, consider supporting the local businesses you love. For example, we have curated a Dining At A Distance website that details which restaurants are still offering takeout or delivery in Martin County. Order a surprise lunch or dinner delivery for your quarantine partner, neighbor, or favorite colleague.

District Table and Bar preparing to-go orders for people self-isolating.

3. Don’t Forget a Tip

We know that there are many people who are not in a position to spend money at the moment due to the current circumstances. But if your budget permits, make sure to tip those working in the service industry, because they need it now more than ever. An extra dollar or two goes a long way.

4. Grab a Few Gift Cards

If you’re thinking of additional ways to support your favorite local restaurant, consider purchasing a gift card for future use. They’ll be sure to appreciate the cash flow. Plus, you can take this route to show your support for a variety of other local businesses, like boutiques, tour operators, hotels, museums, florists, and more. And once things have started returning to normal, you can look forward to treating yourself (or a loved one) to a special treat.

5. Make a Donation

You can also look into different donation opportunities in your community. Maybe there’s a community food bank accepting non-perishables, or a local non-profit in need of supplies that you have access to. You can also make a monetary donation to support various recovery and relief efforts in your hometown, across the county, or around the world.

6. Lend a Helping Hand

If you have some extra time on your hands these days, try finding thoughtful ways to help those around you. Maybe you have an elderly neighbor who needs someone to walk their dog. Or perhaps an immunocompromised friend needs someone to pick up a prescription or other essentials. Reach out and ask who needs help – you might be surprised who raises their hand.

7. Embrace Technology

We live in a more technologically connected world than ever before, so let’s use it to spread some kindness. Shoot a text to check in on your friends (especially those who you don’t talk to as frequently as you’d like). Jump on FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom to chat face-to-face with loved ones both near and far. Or download multiplayer gaming apps to pass the time and engage in some friendly competition with your self-quarantined pals.

8. Share Positivity on Social Media

While the world of social media can at times be a scary place, choose to use the power of social media platforms for good. Post news articles that highlight heart-warming stories or share uplifting videos and memes with friends and family. If you have a special talent, consider going live on Facebook or Instagram to share some entertainment and brighten someone’s day. You can also support local businesses by engaging with their social media posts (for example, even if you don’t have the money to order takeout right now, you can share their posts to help amplify their message and reach others who can).

9. Remember to Breathe (Just Not on Others)

When things get stressful, it’s important to breathe – deeply and with intention. You might have a house full of quarantined kids, or maybe you’re completely self-isolated and craving social interaction. Whatever the case may be, try to stay calm and practice regular meditation techniques. If you need help, check out our 5-Minute Meditation video series on YouTube to get you in the zone.

10. Plan for the Future

As the official Office of Tourism and Marketing for Martin County, it feels strange advising people not to come here and visit. But staying home and following all CDC instruction is the best way we can all work to flatten the curve together. We’re hopeful for brighter days ahead – but until then, we’ll continue sharing travel inspiration for your next adventure on the Discover Martin website and our social media channels. And as you plan for the future, be sure to keep an eye on our hotel Special Offers page! We’ll be here waiting when the world has healed and is ready to travel once again.


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