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Living in a foreign county is a dream of millions.  But logistics, language barriers, and even thoughts of potential loneliness can be too much for many would-be travelers to overcome.

Live Nomadiq offers a 3-month travel experience living and working in three exotic South American countries (Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina).  High-quality lodging, co-working space, airfare, airport transportation, on-the-ground support from expert local guides, as well as activities and excursions are all included as part of the package. “We also introduce you to a community of like-minded people who – just like you – are acclimating and exploring a new, exciting environment,” says Live Nomadiq CEO Leland Wilson.

With the low cost of living in South America, for most people it’s less expensive than staying home.

“Thousands of people already have jobs or careers well-suited to this type of experience,” says Wilson. “Computer programmers, freelance bloggers and travel writers, internet marketing consultants, and many types of entrepreneurs don’t need to be near a specific location to work.”

The inaugural Live Nomadiq experience kicks off in August and will feature 30 days each in Medellin, Columbia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Experience requires a $2,500 deposit, followed by three monthly payments of $2,000, “says Wilson, “You’re spending less per month than many people pay for a week’s vacation.”

This is an exclusive opportunity with only 30 slots available.  Here’s how to apply for the travel experience of a lifetime:

  • Fill out the application here (http://Live Nomadiq/apply.html), and submit a small application fee. (This fee is waived for members of the travel media; writers, bloggers, videographers, etc., and is a once-only charge for everyone else. If you’re not accepted to initial program, you can use the same application for consideration to later programs with no additional charge).
  • Your application will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and if accepted into the program you will receive more information on the program, including detailed help with passports, visas, travel insurance, and the full itinerary for the experience.

An Overview of the Travel Program:

  • Application Fee: $25
  • Program Cost: (Non-refundable. $500/person discount available for couples or for those willing to share a room for the duration).
  • Deposit: $2,500
  • Monthly: $2,000 (due 15 days prior to arrival at each destination city)

The Program Includes


  • A private room in an upscale apartment in a nice neighborhood.
  • Internet, utilities, maintenance. (cleaning available for additional flat fee for entire program)

Office Space:

Co-work space or private office space with high-speed internet.


  • Miami, Florida ➜ Medellín, Colombia ➜ Buenos Aires, Argentina➜Rio de Janeiro, Brazil➜Miami, Florida
  • Airport pickup/drop off
  • One night hotel in Miami prior to departure

Excursions and Tours:

  • One full-day or overnight excursion out of the city.
  • One or two private guided tours within each city.

Social Activities:

  • Weekly social gatherings for Program participants and their guests.
  • Will include light fare, non-alcoholic beverages, wine and beer.

Imagine an exotic vacation designed as immersion in foreign culture- one that starts the moment you leave work today and continues in your free time for the next three months. Thanks to Live Nomadiq, you can overcome the challenges associated with world travel, and live and work remotely in three different fantastic destinations.  “The bottom line is summed up in our motto,” says Wilson. “Don’t just travel. Live there.”

For more information, please visit Live Nomadiq, and see the FAQ page here:


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