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5 Safety Gear Essentials You Need To Pack While Travelling to Remote Forest

Photo by Lucas Favre

Traveling to remote areas can be a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and experience nature in its purest form. However, it is essential that you take the necessary precautionary measures to ensure your safety during the trip. After all, there is no telling what might happen in the middle of nowhere that hasn’t been touched by civilization.

You can’t go on a trip to the wilderness without carrying some vital gear with you. From a flashlight to a knife, below are all the essentials you need to pack before your next outdoor adventure.

Read on and learn what is necessary to improve your safety during a remote forest trip!

1. A Firearm

Traveling to a secluded forest far away from any civilization is always a gamble – you can never be too sure what you might end up encountering during your expedition. It might be nothing worse than a bunch of squirrels or some harmless rabbit. But you might also come face to face with an aggressive moose or a grizzly bear, so it’s always better to be prepared.

If it’s legal in the area and you have all the necessary permits, consider taking some sort of gun with you. That way, you can defend yourself in case of an emergency.

It doesn’t matter whether you get a 30-06 rifle with the newest Trijicon Accupower 1-8×28 scope (here you can read the Trijicon Accupower 1-8×28 review) or your trusty .45 automatic – most types of firearms will do as long as you know well how to operate them and you’re carrying enough ammo for self-defense.

However, try to avoid going for underpowered rounds, as you might only end up wounding the animal and making it angrier. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re trying to defend yourself from a bear with your .22lr semi-automatic – it lacks both the stopping power and wounding capacity to quickly take down anything of that size.

2. A First Aid Kit

You can never be too careful when you’re in the wilderness, so it’s always a good idea to have a first aid kit with you. This kit should contain everything you might need in cases of an emergency, such as bandages, antiseptic wipes, painkillers, and ointments. It’s also essential to pack some supplies that will help you treat snake bites or bee stings.

Having these things with you will give you peace of mind and enable you to deal with any situation that comes your way.

When you’re packing your first aid kit, make sure to put the items that should be used in case of an emergency on the top. This will help you get to them quickly and prevent you from wasting time trying to find them.

It might be a good idea to add some hemostatic wound dressing and antibiotics to your first aid kit in case you have to deal with intense bleeding or a penetrative wound that could get infected.

3. A Knife

A knife is an essential tool for any outdoor trip, regardless of its purpose. It can be used for anything from preparing meals to carving wood and protecting yourself from predators. That’s why you should always carry a good knife with you when you’re in the wilderness.

There are thousands of different knives out there, so it can be hard to choose one that suits your needs. From multipurpose swiss army knives to giant Kabar blades, the choice is yours. Just make sure to pick one that’s well-made and comes with a comfortable handle.

4. A Compass

If you’re planning on spending a significant amount of time in the wilderness, then you should consider getting yourself a trusty compass. Even if you have a GPS on your phone, there’s no telling when the batteries might run out. A compass will help you find your way back if you get lost and can even be used for survival purposes.

As you might expect, there are different types of compasses out there. You can get a simple one that only tells you which way is north, or you can get a more sophisticated model that also shows you your coordinates. The choice is yours – just make sure to get yourself familiar with the compass before your trip and learn how to use it properly.

5. A Flare Gun

Trips to remote wilderness areas carry a certain amount of risk, meaning that you might get lost or end up in an accident. If that happens, it’s essential to have some way of signaling for help. That’s where a flare gun comes in – it’s one of the best ways to attract attention and let people know that you need help. Flare guns are especially useful at night, as they can be seen from miles away.

Remember that flare guns shouldn’t be your only method of signaling for help. It may fail to go off, or you might miss your target, so it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan. Remember to pack a whistle and a signaling mirror to increase your chances of getting rescued.


As you can see, there are a few things you need to pack before going on an outdoor trip. Being prepared is essential if you want to stay safe during your expedition and enjoy your time in the wilderness.

Of course, these are only some of the things you should have with you when trekking in remote areas. There are many other safety gear essentials that you shouldn’t ignore, such as water purification tablets, flashlights, or an emergency blanket. In the end, it all comes down to knowing what you’re doing and planning your trip accordingly.

Just remember to stay calm and always have a plan B. That way, you will be prepared for anything that comes your way! Good luck!