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How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Student Travel Experience

Traveling both abroad and in your own country should be on the bucket list of every student. But we get it. Traveling as a student is not at all easy—with budget constraints, tight schedules, looming deadlines, and a never-ending cycle of exams. 

What you have to realize is that your college years are perhaps the only time in your life when you are free from responsibilities. A few adjustments here and there and hiring a paper writing service to do my PowerPoint presentation or other assignments can actually help you set out on the journey of exploration, adventure, and networking. 

To help you further, here’re the five most helpful tips you can use to plan a budget-friendly trip without compromising on the experience. 

5 Tips to Plan a Trip on a Budget

Start Saving Early

Let’s be real. You won’t necessarily have funds at hand whenever you would want to go on a trip. As a student, you must save some amount every month, which you can then use for traveling, emergencies, urgent expenses, etc. 

Resolve to put aside a certain amount every month. It means you might need to cut down on some regular expenses, such as eating outside and using taxis for commuting. You can read essay writing reviews to opt for the most affordable assignment writers.

You can also save money by thrifting instead of shopping from brands, buying used books instead of new ones, and using student discounts wherever you can. 

Research Budget-Friendly Destinations

There are some trendy tourist attractions, and then there are similar destinations that are much cheaper. As a newbie tourist, you should spend some time researching travel destinations. If there is something particular on your bucket list, look for similar locations. These secondary places are more likely to be budget-friendly, less crowded, and more adventurous, and might even give you a chance to explore local culture in more depth. 

For example, if you wish to see the northern lights, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. However, when you compare the cost, the trendiest places are the costliest. Yet some other destinations, like Abisko, Sweden, are the prettiest and cheapest for aurora chasers.

Plan Your Trips in Off-Season

The prices of flight tickets, accommodation, and adventure activities at most tourist destinations peak during the travel season. All you have to do is, plan your travel around a time when your destination is not bustling with visitors. 

It is these times when locals expect fewer tourists and offer great discounts and offers to keep their businesses running. You can grab incredible discounts on flight tickets and hostels too. Less crowd means more enjoyment since you can explore off-beat places without any rush. 

Besides, booking tickets months in advance is a great hack to save a good amount of money. Weekdays, especially Tuesday and Wednesday, see less amount of traffic and have significantly lower prices than weekends. So, plan your trips around weekdays. 

Pack Wisely

Heavy trolley bags and backpacks make it hard to travel in local transport. You might even need to pay extra to check in your bag at airports. The heavier your bag, the more the charges. Even though some airlines offer free checking-in over a weight limit, it is better to pack light to avoid unnecessary expenditures. 

Pack some essential clothing items, keeping the destination weather in mind, toiletries, a water bottle, and some carry-on snacks. The snacks you pack can also double up as your breakfast during your trip. This way, you can easily splurge on great lunches and dinners, exploring local cuisine. 

Get to Know the Locals

When you reach your destination, try to interact with locals and gel up with them. Residents and shop owners of the place can help you find affordable homestays or hostels, guide you on finding the best local transport, and suggest good shopping sites. Remember, be flexible with your trip schedule and explore the place impromptu. Traveling as a local can help you find some hidden gems and give you a lifetime of memories and experiences, that too on a budget.

Also, don’t forget to carry your student ID since many tourist attractions give discounts to students. The best assignment writing services give discounts, too, so look up the vouchers before hiring one for your assignments and save money for your trip. 

Final Thoughts

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. All that really matters is that you go and explore the world around you right when you can. Try to start with nearby locations, and use the above tips to make the most of your trips within budget.