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6 Budget-Friendly Tips for Finding Great Deals on Airport Parking

Image by Albrecht Fietz

Are you super excited that you are finally going to your dream destination, but you don’t know what to do with your car? Have you thought about parking it in an airport car park, but you feel that it’s too expensive? We share 6 budget-friendly tips for finding great deals on airport parking below. Are you interested in hearing them out?

Tip 1: Start planning months before your trip

The sooner you book a parking space, the cheaper it will be. This is related to the fact that once demand is detected, businesses raise prices because they can “see” the profit. Thus, if you are making a booking for a date in the distant future, owners will not be able to evaluate this year’s demand yet and will keep them at relatively normal levels.

Tip 2: Avoid travelling in high season

Everything is more expensive in high season, including airport parking. You can skip the overcrowding and the unreasonably high prices by going on holidays in autumn or spring. Major holidays, like Christmas or Easter, are out of the question.

Tip 3: Know your options

It might sound tempting to book a spot at the first airport parking you find, but this will not be a wise move as you can’t be sure that your car will be well taken care of there. Finding all your options and assessing them is easier than you think if you visit bookfhr.com. On this site you can see the car parks on and off the UK airport of your choice. It is important to note that you will receive information pertaining to the pros, the services and the prices of each car park.

Tip 4: Read reviews

The internet has made consumers’ lives safer as no matter what product or service they are interested in buying, they can first look for reviews online. Through other people’s experiences with the specific service, in our case with airport parking, they can deduct if a business is worth their trust and money and if they are truthful in their description of the quality of their services.

Tip 5: Consider off-site car parks

What many people may not know is the fact that car parks outside the airport premises offer great deals on airport parking. In an effort to gain a competitive advantage over the on-site businesses, the off-site car parks lower their prices and sometimes even offer a shuttle transport to the airport entrance.

Tip 6: Look for special discounts

It is not unusual for airport car parks to collaborate with hotels, airports or airlines and to come up with a combination of services offered at a great price. Even if you are only interested in parking services, there are airport car parks that run loyalty schemes or offer promo codes for a limited time. You have nothing to lose by checking a car park’s website or social media accounts for such valid programmes.