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6 Reasons to Learn CPR in 2023

Photo by Martin Splitt

CPR is one of the most essential healthcare tools that the general population has access to. That being said, many people still refuse to take the time to learn proper CPR techniques that can save lives. If you want to make the world a better place, learning CPR is a great place to start. There are six major reasons you should be aiming to learn CPR in 2023:

1. You Could Save Lives

Unfortunately, heart disease remains on-the-rise throughout most of America. For this reason, the chances of you being in the area of someone going into cardiac arrest, or experiencing a breathing problem, is much higher than you might assume. If you want to be prepared to help a victim while you wait for EMS to arrive, you must know CPR. Thankfully, quality CPR training services like Protrainings.com can help you develop this ever-useful and critical skill in 2023. You’ll be glad you invested your time and effort into such a noble and widely-needed skill.

2. It Will Make You More Hireable

Many people are always looking out for ways to boost their resume and to become more hireable in today’s competitive economic landscape. If you want a community-boosting way to build your resume, you seriously need to consider becoming CPR certified. This quality is widely sought after by employees, and can even score you some bonus income at the right employer. Additionally, this quality helps to lower insurance premiums for your potential employer (so you’ll become a more attractive candidate the second you complete your official CPR certification). If you’re looking to earn more, and work harder, in 2023, then getting your CPR certification is the way to go.

3. You Can Prevent Brain Death

One of the most troublesome and dangerous complications of breathing issues, choking, and cardiac arrest is the potential for brain death. Even if a patient’s breathing is normalized post-accident/attack, there’s the possibility that they will have no real quality of life if they experience brain death. CPR is one of the best ways to combat the possibility of brain death as you await EMS care. CPR is known to keep blood circulating in people who are having trouble breathing otherwise, after all. Brain death is one of the most tragic medical complications that a person can experience, so your ability to give CPR in critical healthcare moments can help families lead better, more fulfilling lives.

4. Building Confidence

Many people freeze up when they’re in the presence of a medical emergency. Thankfully, those who train themselves for these situations ahead of time are not only more confident about taking on preventative healthcare tasks but are more apt at doing so as well. For this reason, getting CPR certified can help you feel more confident in your ability to keep your community and loved ones safe. In 2023, people are feeling more health-conscious than ever before, so it’s a perfect time to invest in the practice of learning CPR properly. CPR is great for active citizens who enjoy outdoor activities well.

5. Join the Exclusive Club

Many people falsely assume that most people know CRP. However, this could not be further from the truth. According to some studies, only around three percent of the (non-medical-worker) US population actually knows how to perform CPR. If you want to enjoy an exclusive and important club, you need to get on top of learning CPR ASAP. Doing so will make you more attractive, more hireable, and an all-around better person (so what’s stopping you from making this all-important move in 2023)? Your community, family members, and fellow workers are relying on go-getters like you to ensure public health becomes stronger than ever before in the coming decade.

6. Heart Disease is Commonplace

As we mentioned earlier, heart disease is becoming more and more widespread in the US. Seemingly with every passing year, this problem is getting worse. As we work on other solutions to combat this public health crisis, we need all the help we can get from both the civilian and medical community. If you want to help fight the plague of heart disease striking the US during the coming decade, learning how to do CPR properly is one of the best time investments you can make. The more time and effort you put into learning the practice, the better. You can also attend classes again every few years to stay up-to-date on the latest CPR practices. After all, the practice tends to change somewhat every few years. The more optimized your training is, the better you’ll become as a first line of defense for cardiac arrest victims.