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6 Tips for Americans When Traveling to Europe

Photo by Léonard Cotte

Going to Europe is one of the things that are on all Americans’ bucket lists. Basically, the Eastern world provides enjoyment, which you can’ get here in America.

Where else will you take a ferry, hop on a train, and be in a new environment for a few hours?

Booking your trip across the pond encompasses budgetting and delicate planning. However, travelers need to dig into etiquette research.

Globally, you will get the customary habits and mannerisms, which are not similar to those here in the US. So, in order to save yourself the trouble of embarrassing yourself, the following are tips to consider:

1.      Get a Visa

Going to Europe has become easier for most countries. American residents and citizens remain interested in visiting Europe, as many Europeans are more interested in touring 50 Northern American states.

But because of bureaucracy, which exists in most countries when traveling, people in the United States are usually confused about whether they should apply for EU visas before their trip or get the necessary documents to travel.

Fortunately, ETIAS application for US citizens has become easier. The ETIAS program allows citizens from more than 50 countries to travel to Europe.

2.      Consider Traveling off the Season

Although you may not dream of sunbathing on Mediterranean beaches in the summer, the rest of Europe is occupied, causing long queues at various tourist attractions and overcrowded beaches.

Traveling of the season is a perfect way to save cash on tours, train tickets, airfare, and accommodations, and at the same time, avoid the crowd.

Many main tourist attractions are usually open all year-round. So just check the closing times as some may have shorter hours in the off-season.

3.      Check out the Free Walking Tours

A free walking tour is a way to explore any city in Europe. It can last between two and four hours. Basically, it needs you to sign up in advance online and tip the guide at the end of the day.

There are several free walking tour companies in Europe, of which some have tours in around 20 cities. Other upcoming companies have started following suit, and copying the idea across the world makes it necessary to research thoroughly.

4.      Change the Currency

Judicious and wise use of foreign currencies is important on all international vacations, and of course, Europe is not an exception. The first guideline concerning usage is that you shouldn’t exchange cash in the airport. You will get good rates before you even travel.

American Express debit, Visa, and MasterCard are accepted extensively all over Europe. However, it is advisable to use an International travel card or currency card on holidays.

Most private sector and authorized nationalized banks issue this kind of international travel card. You may use this card from any American bank for hassle-free and smooth transactions in Europe.

5.      Pack Light

Packing your things light is important if you consider traveling to more than just one European destination. It’s a common thing to book a trip in Europe, and although you may want to carry all the outfits you have, it is imperative to pack wisely.

Now with luggage fees, there are benefits of not paying for checked bags. If they are small enough for you to carry on, you will have nothing to worry about waiting for those bags.

If you have plans of shopping and carrying souvenirs back home, it will be a great idea to carry an extra bag. Just ensure you keep expensive items on the plane if you can.

6.      Book Accommodations Early

Booking accommodation ahead of time is important when going to Europe. This way, you will not just get better prices. You will also get the best accommodation.

Normally, hotels in Europe have 48-hour cancellation policies so that you can be comfortable booking in advance and change all your plans.

You can opt for independent hotels. They are mostly luxurious and small chains, making boutique comfort more comfortable in most European cities.

The Bottom Line!

From smoke-filled coffee shops in Amsterdam to beautiful Paris, Europe remains a diverse and massive continent with an unlimited assortment of things you can do and see.

You won’t have any issue filling your time, whether you want to spend some weeks on vacation or you’re backpacking Europe for several months on a budget.