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6 Top Reasons Why to Visit Oman

Travelers are constantly looking for the next great getaway, and Oman is one of the most affordable destinations for everyone.  With a thriving culture, rich history, and beautiful natural scenery, there’s something for every type of traveler in Oman. You can relax on white-sand beaches or explore the vast desert.

Whether you’re an adventurer searching for new experiences or someone who just wants to have a relaxing vacation away from home, Oman has just what you’re looking for!

Visiting Oman requires obtaining an entry permit. You no longer need to bother yourself with booking an Embassy appointment. Now, you can apply for your electronic visa without stepping a foot of your home, e.g. by visiting this website to apply for visa to Oman.

Holders of eVisa can visit Oman either once or numerous times, depending on the visa type they decide to apply for. An electronic visa enables traveling to Oman for all types of tourism-related purposes.

Now, it’s high time to consider a few top reasons why you should plan your next trip to Oman!

1.        Oman is relatively untouched by tourism

Oman is a hidden gem for travelers who want to explore the Middle East but aren’t sure where to go. It’s relatively untouched by tourism so you can explore its culture in a way that feels authentic and not like another tourist attraction.

This makes sense because Oman is still off-the-beat and that’s why so many people love it. It’s the most untouched of all the Arabian Gulf countries, and there are still places here where you can get away from it all and connect with nature in a way that feels almost prehistoric!

2.        The food is delicious and flavorful

Omani cuisine is a unique blend of flavors and styles. There are many different types of Omani food: from the spicy to the sweet, and everything in between!

The cuisine of Oman is a great way to experience an authentic taste of Middle Eastern culture. It’s prepared with spices that add intense flavor without being too hot, making it accessible even for those who don’t like food prepared too spicy. In fact, there are even desserts made with dates or honey which can be enjoyed by all.

Even though most people might think that they don’t know much about this Middle Eastern cuisine, you can bet that many have heard about its iconic dish: hulba. This delicious meal is made with sesame seed paste mixed into a steamed wheat berry called shuwa. Hulba should be one of the first things travelers taste when visiting Oman!

3.        There are plenty of outdoor activities available in Oman

Lots of Omani outdoor activities are waiting for you to let you experience this wonderful country up close and personal – from diving through an underwater world with colorful fish, to horseback riding across vast expanses of desert sands.

If you have always wanted to see more than just the typical tourist attractions, then now is your chance!

There are also several campsites available for your enjoyment, just be sure you have all the necessary equipment before heading out on your adventure!

4.        Omani people are friendly and welcoming

Omani people are so welcoming and friendly that it’s easy to forget you’re in a different country. You won’t find it difficult to meet someone willing to help you out with directions or recommend good places to eat.

From street vendors to waiters, everyone wants to know about you and what brings you to this country. It’s not uncommon for someone who doesn’t speak English or Arabic fluently yet still tries their best – even if they don’t understand what you’re saying back at them!

5.        Oman is an excellent destination for beach lovers

There are many resorts and hotels located right on the water, allowing visitors to take full advantage of Oman’s amazing coastline. The beaches are clean and well-maintained, with plenty of amenities nearby. Visitors should be aware that most beaches in Oman lack waves or strong currents, so it may not be as exciting as some other surf destinations around the world.

However, this also means that swimming conditions are usually very safe! The water here is warm year-round because of its location near the equator, making for an excellent beach escape during winter months up north or down south.

6.        Oman has one of the most beautiful deserts in the world

Oman is a country that has one of the most beautiful deserts in the world. The desert stretches over many miles and covers almost half of Oman’s total area.

There are even dunes as high as 1,000 feet! You can explore this beautiful desert landscape on foot or by camelback, where you’ll be able to visit beautifully preserved forts dating back thousands of years, see breath-taking oases and palm groves situated among rolling sand dunes.

Bottom Lines

Oman’s amazing landscapes have been attracting travelers from around the world for centuries, but to this day much of the country remains off the radar. The country’s unique blend of tribal and modern life is a sight to see.

Travelers flock here for its exquisite natural wonders like mountains, deserts, and beaches; not to mention some jaw-dropping architecture. Do not hesitate to book your trip to Oman and make sure you have a valid Omani visa!