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6 Unique Beaches to Travel on A Budget During the Off-Season

Beach destinations are the most desired summer vacation type for many. However they are often hugely overpriced due to the high demand and essentially overcrowded as everyone wants to find a spot on the sand enjoying the warm waters and golden sun rays.

How about an off-season beach getaway? Not only will you save on your accommodation costs but you will be able to enjoy the sea in tranquillity, take long beachfront walks and eat wherever you desire without having to make a reservation or wait for a table. If you are lucky and choose your destination well, you should still have many sunny days and calm waters to swim in or even go to a wellness retreat. Air tickets are also typically much cheaper during the off-peak periods so you can make some extra savings on that too.

Here are some of the best budget off-season beach destinations for you to pick from.


Florida is a great option for those looking to visit beaches in the off-season. It’s popular among families, couples, solo travellers or groups of friends as it has a lot to offer to everyone. Apart from its beautiful beaches, national parks and fascinating historical sites there are also plenty of theme parks and other adventures to explore. Although it’s desired by many, there are great deals to benefit from and have an amazing low-cost beach trip. One option is to search for a place along the Florida Panhandle or the famous towns of Panama City and Pensacola.


Have you thought about taking an off-season trip to Mexico and enjoying its stunning coastline and magnificent historical sites without incurring a big expense? It’s totally possible and you will surely have a memorable time. If you are looking for a paradise spot to relax and enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches consider the island of Isla Mujeres which is located just off the Cancun coast. Arriving on this island will make you feel like time has stopped and your only worry is whether to lay on the beach or at the pool.

Santa Cruz, California

Santa Cruz is a popular beach destination year round. It attracts many visitors for its calm and relaxing atmosphere which you can enjoy while taking a walk on the wharf or across the famous Santa Cruz Boardwalk and sitting for a delicious seafood meal. It’s also a hotspot for surf lovers and surf enthusiasts who wish to learn more about the watersport by visiting the surfing museum located in Lighthouse Point. This spectacular coastal town offers a variety of activities for all age groups ranging from sea lion watching, hiking, biking and fun fair rides.


If you are craving for an affordable exotic beach holiday then Thailand is surely a place to consider. Due to its increased popularity in recent years,  you can also find better flight deals, especially not in the peak season. Have you heard of Ko Lanta island? Maybe not as it’s not as famous as Phuket or Krabi but it has beautiful untouched coral-fringed beaches and magnificent rainforests. It’s a magical place where you can truly feel the real beauty of Thailand and indulge in snorkelling and diving experiences.


With its many islands, Greece is a top beach holiday destination almost all year around. Each island has something different to offer its visitors but one thing is for sure, the tasty Mediterranean cuisine is present anywhere you choose to go in Greece. If you are searching for a great value spot, Kefalonia island is a must to consider. It offers picturesque natural landscapes, many underwater caves to explore and plenty of untouched beaches accessible only by foot. This island will bring great satisfaction to nature lovers.

Los Angeles

Apart from Hollywood stars and spectacular movie scenes, Los Angeles also offers beautiful beaches.This city has a buzzing atmosphere and plenty of vibrant events going on all the time. One of the most famous beaches is Santa Monica. Although it might be quite pricey to book a place in that region, you might visit it for a day and use a luggage storage in Los Angeles to store your belongings while you can stay somewhere further away to cut on your budget.

Everyone has a different criteria for their budget beach holiday so it’s good to base your choice on your own preferences and requirements so you don’t get disappointed. Use the above list as a guidance and inspiration for different locations but make sure you carry out your research well and check all factors which concern you before making your final choice.

Don’t forget to check the weather forecast in advance so you don’t prepare your summer attire when you might be faced with tropical rains or autumn gloomy skies.