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7 Landmarks in London You Simply Cannot Miss

There are many iconic landmarks, buildings, and sights to be seen in London. The city is rich in historical culture and continually evolving. You can explore the iconic sights in London through different ways including the top of a bus, on two wheels, along the river Thames or by foot. Most of the tourist attractions in the city are free to visit while you can explore others using special offers or discounted entries.

If you have not been to the city before we have created 7 landmarks in London you simply cannot miss to help you along your way. Read on!

  1. Big Ben

Big Ben is a tower and clock which chimes throughout London every fifteen minutes. In 1845, the tower was built in the Gothic style. This iconic landmark is located in Westminster. In 2012, the clock tower was named after Queen Elizabeth II for her Diamond Jubilee. The official name is now Elizabeth Tower. You can have a glimpse of this attraction by taking a Tube to the Westminster Tube Station. The minute you surface from the train, Big Ben will greet you. You can take pictures of the massive tower always to keep the memory of your experience fresh.

  1. Hyde Park  

Hyde Park is one of the biggest parks in London, and it is in the heart of the city. This beautiful landmark features a boating lake, formal gardens, and large spaces of daffodils filled lawn especially in early spring. There is an attractive pond in the middle known as Serpentine. You can rent pedalos and row a boat to the other end of the park where you will see Kensington Palace. Also, you can have a view of one of the most beautiful flower gardens in London called the Italian Gardens. When visiting London you can’t miss it because it is a lovely park to wander around.

  1. Trafalgar Square

The names make reference to the Trafalgar Battle which was a British naval victory against Napoleon. The square is at the city center. You can sit and admire the Nelson Column and the fountains with the National Gallery backdrop. The location also has iconic buildings like the Canada House, National Gallery, St Martin-in-the-Fields and South Africa House. This place is often used for big public events, and you can find photographers looking to take amazing shots of the attraction. You can enjoy a completely magical experience during christmas with the huge Christmas tree that can be found in the square.

  1. The London Eye

If you are one of those people who want to see London from above, the London Eye is one of the landmarks in London you simply cannot miss.  As part of the London’s imposing skyline, this attraction gives you an impressive view of the city. In 2000, the landmark was opened to the public, and it was the world’s largest Ferris wheel and also the highest viewing point over London. You can reach the London Eye by passing through the Golden Jubilee Footbridge / Hungerford Bridge and buying the tickets in one of the little pods closeby. You can purchase the tickets online to save yourself of the agony of the long wait.

  1. The Natural History Museum

Are you interested in natural history? Then the Natural History Museum is one of the landmarks in London you simply cannot miss. It is located in South Kensington on Cromwell road. However, if you are not interested in natural history, you can still benefit by having a look at the stunning building. You can experience the wonder and admire the beautiful architecture for free.

  1. St Paul’s Cathedral       

St Paul’s Cathedral was built during the reign of Queen Anne, in the first ten years of the 19th century. The dome of the cathedral is what makes the architecture iconic and so exquisite from the outside. There was a building that was destroyed during the great fire of London, and it is the cathedral that replaced the building and since became the London skyline jewel. There are special events and concerts during the week and services are held in the building on Sundays. It also serves as a national cathedral where you can tombs, music, art, architecture, and history. With the organ playing, the sight of the conversion of St. Paul, and Anne standing proudly in front of the building, this is one of the must-see landmarks in London you simply cannot miss.

  1. Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge is linked to the Tower of London, and it means LONDON to the world. It was designed to be harmonious and built in Gothic style. This bridge is often mistaken to London Bridge. You can enjoy lots of experiences with the technology, restaurants, photography, architecture, and history it offers. It features Gothic towers that are connected by high-level footbridges, encased in steel latticework.

You can get a memorable view of the River Thames and the city from the exciting footbridges. The Tower Bridge Experience displayed along the footbridges also gives a stunning look of the attraction. You can create souvenir memories, and group pictures on the Tower Bridge so be sure to take your camera along. This site is one of the places you will remember most of London. It is indeed one of the landmarks in London you simply cannot miss because you will have a great deal of fun there.

Some of the other landmarks that you can visit while on a trip to London are:

  • The Shard –  It is London’s tallest city
  • Horse Guards Parade – it features some monuments, and it is where trooping of the color takes place
  • The Gherkin – This nickname was applied to the current building at least as long ago as 1999, referring to that plan’s highly unorthodox layout
  • The Globe Theatre – it is iconic for its thatching, open roof, and circular shape. Shows are performed here, and you can purchase a ticket to see one that pleases you.

With the 7 landmarks in London you simply cannot miss mentioned above, you probably can’t wait to make a trip to the city. Also, don’t forget to pack your camera for unforgettable memories.

This guest post is written by Tony Anderson, you can follow him @TonyUTrip


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