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9 Trip Suggestions: Tourist Destinations Where Cannabis Is Legal

Cannabis tourism is more popular than ever. The drug’s use has skyrocketed. People are using it for recreational reasons and for medicinal purposes. Even in places where Cannabis is still illegal, the drug is not viewed as something that’s harmful or even offensive anymore. It is common to find people walking through busy cities smoking joints, nobody batting an eyelid.

If you are planning on going away to somewhere where the drug is legalised, then this is the post for you. Here are nine trip suggestions you should consider if you want to go somewhere where you can smoke weed legally.

Cannabis Joint
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United States

In many U.S. states, Cannabis is legalised. However, it should be noted that it’s not yet legalised in all states. This means that you should do your research before visiting so you can make sure that the place you are visiting welcomes Cannabis tourists. One popular state, Florida, has not yet legalised the drug for recreational use. A lot of people wonder is delta-8 THC legal in Florida, and the answer is a strong no unless you have a medical permit (or unless it’s derived from industrial hemp). If you break the law in America, expect to be treated and punished as an ordinary U.S. citizen.


Canada is a popular North American country, visited by millions every year. It is one of the world’s leading countries for Cannabis tourism. Canada legalised Cannabis for both recreational and medicinal use a number of years ago. Anybody can turn up in Canada and start smoking. If you are going to visit, then make sure that you do not make a show of smoking in public, however. While it’s legalised, it’s not advised to smoke in public, especially around young people. In some parts of Canada, smoking publicly will get you into a lot of trouble.


It’s well known that Cannabis is legalised for recreational use in the Netherlands, or rather, it’s decriminalised. There are still some funny rules in place (like it’s illegal for dispensaries to transport weed from their suppliers to their stores) but for the most part, getting high there is relaxed and simple. The government only asks that you do not smoke in public. If you are caught smoking in public, you can receive a fine. If you are caught smoking in public multiple times, you can be arrested. There’s a lot to do in the Netherlands besides smoking weed, so take some time, do your research, and make the most of your trip there.


Uruguay is the perfect place to get high. The weather’s great, the food is amazing, and the people are friendly. However, you should always exercise a degree of caution whenever you are travelling to South America. As you probably already know, South America is a somewhat dangerous continent. Some of the world’s most violent countries are located there. It is an unstable region. Find a reliable hotel or resort to stay at, and only buy weed from government-approved pharmacies. Avoid street weed, because it’s likely to be laced with chemicals or additives.


In Jamaica, weed is legalised for religious and medicinal purposes. It has also been decriminalised, which means while it’s not technically allowed for tourists to smoke it, nobody’s going to intervene and stop you, as long as you’re doing it respectfully and aren’t behaving foolishly. Jamaican weed is known all over the world for being extremely strong, but at the same time mellow. Unlike in other countries, it’s usually better to buy street weed in Jamaica, ideally from Rastafarians. Rastafarians are known for growing high-quality, organic weed.

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Costa Rica

Cannabis is not technically legal in Costa Rica, however, people still visit there to smoke it. The police won’t stop you if you are smoking it in public, and you can buy it in stores, and on the street. If you do plan on visiting Costa Rica and getting high, then make sure that you only ever buy weed from reliable vendors. Do everything you can to avoid unscrupulous street dealers. Again, it is unfortunately very common for street dealers to add chemicals and additives to their weed to artificially enhance the high users get. Some of the chemicals used for this can be very dangerous and are not fit for human consumption.


In Spain’s Catalonia region, it is legal to smoke weed inside designated clubs. However, a lot of people smoke weed openly, too. You aren’t likely to get in trouble if you smoke weed in public, respectfully. It is better to smoke it in clubs though because you can buy organically grown, high-quality weed in them. The clubs also provide people with a comfortable place to get high. Many of them also serve drinks, and food, and have comfortable chairs, and sometimes even games for people to play.


Belize is another place that’s perfect for getting high. Weed has been decriminalised there for quite a while now. There’s a lot more to do in Belize than just smoking weed though, so do some research and draw up a list of things that you want to do when you are in the country. Planning your trip in advance will help you to get the most out of it. Create an itinerary, so that you know what each day’s activities are. Then, fit in weed smoking. You’ll probably want to smoke a lot of weed in Belize since the weather’s so good and the food’s so tasty.


Personal, private weed use has been decriminalised in Mexico for a very long time. It’s very easy to get hold of weed in Mexico. However, it is vital that you only buy it from reliable dealers. It is extremely common for street weed to be contaminated with chemicals in Mexico. If you buy from an unscrupulous dealer, they might not tell you that the weed you’re smoking has been laced with spice or other synthetic cannabinoids.

Weed smoking is a hobby for a lot of people. If it’s one of your hobbies, then follow this post’s advice and consider visiting the countries listed here. These countries are all relaxed and great places to go and smoke weed. Make sure you stay in control and follow local laws to the letter, so you don’t get in trouble. Legalised weed doesn’t give you a license to behave irresponsibly.