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A 7 Day Adventure Guide to Antigua & Barbuda

The twin-islands of Antigua & Barbuda are home to some of the most beautiful beaches, breathtaking sights, and terrific cuisine. The unique allure of Antiguan & Barbudan culture has attracted many visitors to its shores over the years. For some, these trips are a chance to relax on the beach, crack open a new book and bask in the beautiful Caribbean sun. While this sounds quite peaceful, there are also tons of fun activities you can do while staying on island. So listen in, as we layout adventurous activities for you to do everyday when visiting the destination.  

Day One: Learn to Sail 

Photo courtesy of OnDeck Maritime Training

Start your trip off with a wild, wet adventure! There is no better way to embrace the Antiguan sea life than by learning how to sail! Sailing and boat racing are a large part of the Caribbean lifestyle, with March and April serving as a meeting hub for the international boating community. Sailors from all over the world converge on Nelson’s Dockyard during the last week of April to prepare for the renowned Antigua Sailing Week. NauticEd is a great organization that offers courses for those just starting to learn how to sail and for experienced boaters. For more information, click here! 

Day Two: Yoga 

Photo courtesy of Energie

Health and wellness have become increasingly important, especially during these stressful times. Yoga is a great outlet for many to relax and prioritize their mental health while doing something active. Therefore, during you second day on Antigua & Barbuda, one place to visit is Energie: an aesthetically pleasing yoga and holistic studio located in English Harbour. Whether it is your first-time trying yoga, or you are a seasoned veteran, Energie offers classes for all levels of yoga enthusiasts. The studio is beautiful and air-conditioned, offering a breathtaking panoramic view of Antigua. Peace and tranquillity are only a click away!

Day Three: Scuba diving 

Head back into the water for the third day of your trip and observe the extravagant world under the sea. Scuba diving is a great activity to see amazing sea creatures such as sea turtles and observe beautiful coral reefs! The Antigua Scuba School is a great organization to help guide you as you plunge into the sea. Visitors are in safe hands as the instructors are PADI certified (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) with more than 30 years of teaching experience as well as more than 60 years of diving industry experience. Dive in here for more information! 

Day Four: Visit Barbuda 

Now that you are halfway through your vacation, you should get to relax and experience something truly unique. Barbuda, the lesser-known but equally beautiful sister island of Antigua, is a short boat ride away and a must-see when visiting. The perfect day trip for seekers of solitude, Barbuda offers the chance to escape the crowds and enjoy a quiet day on the pink sand beach as the endemic Magnificent Frigatebirds fly overhead. An interesting fact about Barbuda is that it has caught the attention of the famous actor Robert De Niro, who has invested and is creating the Nobu Beach Inn. With a full-fledged Nobu Restaurant located on the island, indulge in some seaside sushi while admiring the crystal blue waters of the island! 

Day Five: Kitesurfing 

As your time on Antigua & Barbuda is coming to an end, create some unforgettable memories with your family and friends with a spot of kitesurfing. Antigua & Barbuda are well-positioned to benefit from the warm trade winds during the months of December through August. Kitesurfing is an exhilarating and fun activity that is sure to leave you with some unforgettable memories. Kitesurf Antigua, located at Jabberwock beach, is a great spot to learn the sport or enhance your skills, with the team of experts there to guide you on your adventure!

Day Six: Hiking 

On the eve of your last day in the Caribbean, strap on your boots as this activity will have you going for a stroll across the islands. For all the hiking enthusiasts, Antigua & Barbuda have some amazing trails, which offer the chance to see the destination in new, panoramic ways. For those looking for a fun and quick hike, the Shirley Heights Lookout Trail is a short 1.8-kilometre distance that offers an amazing view of the famous bay. A slightly more difficult trail but worth the adventure is the Middle Ground Trail located near English Harbour. The 4.2-kilometre loop offers an amazing view of the water as well as some splendid wildflowers! There is no better way to end your vacation on Antigua & Barbuda than holding your loved ones as the sun gently goes down over the horizon, symbolizing your time on the islands has come to end.

Day Seven: Shopping    

As we all know, the last day of the trip can be stressful as you want to soak in as much sun as possible before packing your suitcase. Before closing your bag, we recommend visiting Heritage Quay. With many duty-free stores, this outlet mall in St. John’s City is the best place to get something to remind you of your stay in Antigua & Barbuda. Whether it is beautiful jewelry, designer brands, or fun beachwear, a purchase from Heritage Quay will leave you with happy memories of your time on the islands! Don’t forget to take your passport and travel itinerary.