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A New Twist on the Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo

The margarita game has just been catapulted to a whole new level. On May 5, make it a grand celebration with the latest, especial margarita recipes from master mixologist Robin Goodfellow.  

Grand Marnier is proudly partnering with Robin to create a roundup of one-of-a-kind Margarita recipes that will be must-tries for any Cinco de Mayo celebration. Adding a taste of sophistication through its distinct, fine cognac and bitter orange liqueur, Grand Marnier masterfully elevates this already legendary Mexican classic. 

Classic Grand Margarita

Tasting notes: Tart, agave, orange, light

Description: This crowd-pleasing cocktail needs no introduction and can be served straight up or on the rocks.

Ingredients: 30ml Grand Marnier, 45ml Espolon Blanco, 23ml fresh lime juice, 15ml agave syrup

What to do: Shake with ice and strain into a rocks glass with a lime wedge and Maldon Salt Rim.

Platinum Margarita (Blended – 4 Servings)

Tasting notes: Tart, agave, floral, rich

Description: Bringing back blended drinks, this easy-to-make Margarita variation will impress friends and family when you serve up a drink that looks and tastes like a cocktail-bar-quality offering. Who wouldn’t want a frothy purple Margarita?

Ingredients: 90ml Grand Marnier, 240ml Malva Flower Tequila, 120ml fresh lime juice, 40g sugar, 60ml liquid egg white, 12 ice cubes

What to do: Mix, then garnish with Malva petals and pink salt rim.

Bodega Margarita

Tasting notes: Tart, herbal, orange, light

Description: A classic Margarita at heart with a naturopathic element added from the marshmallow root. An herbal and immune-boosting Margarita.

Ingredients: 30ml Grand Marnier, 30ml Espolon Blanco, 15ml marshmallow root tincture, 23ml fresh lime juice, 15ml rich syrup

What to do: Mix, then garnish with a dehydrated lime wheel and salt rim.