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A Seasonal Guide to Milan

Just as fashion changes with the seasons, so does the stylish city of Milan. Voted as part of the top 10 fashion-forward cities in the world and taking the number four spot, this chic city is always in style.

Although well known for its beautiful streets, it’s more Milan’s stunning architecture that’s in fashion – and it’s people. With 42% of global travellers choosing their destination based on an interest in fashion or shopping, Milan has landed a reputation as one of the most stylish destinations. With trendy locals and designer events, there’s always something to satisfy the thirst for fashion.

Take advantage of the early-starting ski season in the nearby Alps during the fall. Warm up in one of the numerous fashionable boutiques during the winter, and try to spot the newest trends fresh off of Milan Fashion Week. For a later date summer visit, make the most of the heat with long, lazy evenings in local restaurants. With each season offering a different take on the city, there’s never a bad time to visit Milan.


After the formidable heat of summer, the cooler air of autumn is welcomed by the Milanese as grapes ripen on the vine and the second of the year’s Fashion Weeks kicks off. Spending autumn in Milan means you’ll get to enjoy the city at the height of its fashionable best, where celebrities and fashion icons roam the streets and top restaurants take advantage of the harvest’s bounty (black truffles, anyone?). Better yet, the Italian ski season starts early and the Alps are fairly close, so you’ve always got the opportunity to hit the slopes too.

With so many opportunities to satisfy every are of interest, from fashion inspiration to snowy slopes, there’s never a dull moment in Milan. Not only can visitors take in the many sights and experiences; they can look amazing doing it.


It won’t surprise anyone when we say that Milan is at its coldest in the winter, but on the plus side, if you do end up feeling chilly, you won’t need much of an excuse to treat yourself to a super-stylish new winter coat. Even though it’s tempting, don’t spend all your time inside browsing in fashionable boutiques – Milan is a true gem when lit with twinkling festive lights, and the occasional dusting of snow somehow manages to make the city even prettier.


Spring heralds the start of Milan Fashion Week, so budding fashionistas can enjoy the new season in more ways than one! Recent research from Booking.com, the global leader in connecting travellers with the widest choice of incredible places to stay, found that almost a third (30%) of globetrotters seek inspiration from stylish locals for their own looks, and Spring Fashion Week is the perfect opportunity to get inspired. The designer fashions aren’t the only source of beauty during this time. The city’s parks return to their green and beautiful best as the skies clear and the air warms up, infusing Milan with a bright new energy and bringing a hint of sunshine to the city’s illustrious architecture. It isn’t just all about hot new trends either – there’s an annual antiques fair that fills the banks of Milan’s canals with a whole host of classically Italian furniture and objet d’art.


Thanks to its pedigree as a centre for Italian fashion and finance, Milan can be pretty lively in summer. June and July play host to a huge variety of events, with music fans being particularly well served thanks to festivals ranging from the classical to the contemporary. Local bars and restaurants make the most of the heat and the long, lazy evenings too, with bustling tables taking over the streets of the Navigli and many establishments staying open until 6:00 a.m. on the huge night of partying known as ‘La Notte Bianca’.


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