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An Ultimate Guide to Write a Tour Guide Resume

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People who like to travel and visit different destinations would gladly accept to become tour guides. However, finding a job in that industry is a challenging process. When the competition is tough, future tour guides need to invest more energy to get their dream job. One of the methods to do that is by writing a tour guide resume that will split them from the masses.

Fortunately, writing an effective tour guide resume is not impossible. However, people will need to go through a couple of stages before they reach their goal.

Pick an Adequate Format for the Resume

The resume of the tour guide needs to be eye-pleasing. Because of that, the format of that document is essential. Before everything, the entire storyline should start with an engaging and attractive headline. For instance, “Passionate Traveller and Hardworking Tour Guide with 4 Years of Work Experience” would be a good option.

The next step is to organize the entire content of the resume. For instance, applicants can divide the entire resume into different sections. They can do that with bullet lists, subheadings, and tables.

Finally, the last thing is to decide on the most effective template. For a long period, people have been using chronological resume templates. However, that is not the only option that future tour guides have. We will provide more details later.

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Start the Journey with a Resume Summary

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After an attractive headline, the next thing people should do is talk about their skills and experience. However, there is no reason to write hundreds of words in the summary. Instead of that, people should keep it simple. Using wordy sentences and complex terms will not raise their chances of getting the job.

For instance, if they already have working experience, they should mention that. Their career can be a good piece of evidence of their expertise. On the other hand, entry-level workers should use that opportunity to highlight their skills. In that way, the potential employer will have insights into the talents of his potential worker.

Customize the Resume

The way you will organize the next sections of the resume depends a lot on the requirements of tour agencies. In most cases, the agencies focus their offerings on specific destinations. For example, some of them will focus on one continent, others would rather organize mountain trips, etc.

Using the same format and content for each job application would be wrong. Future tour guides should try to customize their resumes. For instance, let’s imagine that an agency is looking for a person that will organize tours across Africa. And the candidate has experience organizing trips in Africa and Asia.

Even if the last job he had was associated with Asia, that should not be the main point of the resume. Instead of that, the candidate should spend more time describing his duties associated with African trips. In that way, the potential employer will manage to show that his experience is valuable enough for the agency. The remaining part of his work history should serve as a bonus.

Add Testimonials to the Resume

Let’s make one sort of comparison that will make things clear. When people plan to buy a product, the first thing they will do is read the features. If they like what they see, they will probably start looking for social proof. Buyers need some kind of confirmation that everything is okay with the product.

Things are not different when we talk about tour companies that look for tour guides. They will read all the details about their work history, education, etc. However, testimonials and achievements will convince the business owner even more that someone is the right person for a job.

Adding testimonials is possible in multiple ways. People that have work experience can ask their previous employers to share some testimonials. On the other hand, candidates can also add some videos from their tours. That can be some type of testimonials as well.

For instance, they can attach video materials that they recorded together with other travelers. If there is a friendly atmosphere on the videos, that can be a good sign for the employer. He can count that the tour guide managed to organize an entertaining tour for other people. Despite that, the video will tell a lot about the personality of a guide.

For instance, employers are looking for a tour guide that is friendly and communicative. The video can confirm that a candidate possesses these two characteristics. Because of that, the agency will gladly hire someone who can boost the reputation of their company and organize memorable trips for their customers.

Use Eye-Pleasing Font

The technical side of the resume matters as well. People can use different fonts when writing their resumes. However, a wide range of options can sometimes make things more challenging. All the fonts will, more or less, look attractive in different ways. That is the reason why choosing the one that meets the resume standards won’t be easy.

Some of the best fonts for resumes are Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman, Georgia, etc. In other words, classic fonts can additionally help candidates to grab the attention of the client. On the other hand, font size also plays a key role. Candidates should not make the text look too small or big. The size between 10.5 and 12 can potentially be the best option.

Proofread and Edit the Resume

The last step is to check out everything you did. Writing a resume is a challenging process that requires a high level of creativity. Because of that, the resume may require additional edits and proofreading.

Still, the task of the tour guides is not to be good content writers. That is the reason why they can look for editing services. Professional writers and editors can help them boost the quality of the resume and make the storyline more entertaining and engaging.

Final Thought

Tour guides will manage to make a powerful resume by going through these six stages. In that way, their chances of getting the job will grow.

The quality of content and the structure of the entire resume are two things they should have in mind. The tone of the content should be friendly and professional at the same time. It should highlight all the qualities and skills that a person that wants to become a tour guide should have. That is the only way to grab the employer’s attention and convince him you are the right person for that job.


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