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Basic Survival Tips Every Adventure Traveler Should Know

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Many people love to travel and spend their time in unknown destinations. Many of those destinations are far away from other people and professional medical assistance, so it’s important to learn how to be prepared for different situations that might occur. This is especially crucial for adventurous travelers who like to explore exotic destinations where they like to camp, surrounded by wilderness, unknown animals, and unusual weather conditions. If you’re an adventure traveler as well, you need to know that there are always lots of risks that can cause serious problems, so don’t forget to think about learning a few new skills that will keep you safe during your travels.

Starting fire

If you’re a true traveling enthusiast, you may find yourself in the middle of nowhere during the night, having forgotten to get to safety before the dark. You’ll find yourself in a dangerous situation and you’ll need to get warm, so you’ll have to start fire. Though this sounds hard, it’s very simple and easy if you have the right tools and know what to do. Just keep in mind that humans have been starting fires for centuries without all the modern technology. There are many different ways to start a fire, but you need to find the most secure way to do it while protecting the nature around you.

Reading maps

When we’re in an unknown area, we rely on our phones and expect to get help from apps with maps. But, you need to keep in mind that during your travels you won’t always have a signal, so knowing how to move according to your map is crucial. Always research the destination you’re visiting, especially if it’s an uninhabited place where you won’t be able to ask someone for directions. It’s easy to get disoriented while hiking outside of designated paths, but you need to stay calm because if you panic, you won’t be able to understand the map and know where you’re supposed to go, so you’ll end up being even more lost.

First aid and CPR

You should make yourself familiar with the fundamentals of first aid and basic CPR just to be prepared for emergencies. You can start an online course in first aid and CPR to learn how to treat minor injuries and identify symptoms of more serious health problems. This will allow you to stay healthy during your travels, which can be important if you’re going off the grid without any medical assistance close by. Always pack a first aid kit and make sure you always have enough supplies – packed correctly to keep everything sterile, of course!

Food supply

This is something that might help hikers and campers the most, since they’re always going to unknown places surrounded by nothing more than mountains, rivers, and forests. If you know how long you’ll be traveling, try to make a meal plan and pack your food based on that. If you’re going to the wilderness, you need to think about food preservation and how long certain groceries might be able to last. When creating a shopping list, think about all the energy you’re going to spend on hiking and exploring nature, which means you’ll need nutritious food.

Clean water

Humans need to drink at least two liters of water a day, and when you’re out in nature, you’ll need much more to stay hydrated. One of the biggest mistakes travel enthusiasts make is thinking that any kind of water is good for drinking. This is even worse when they have no clean water nearby and drink snow instead. To be sure you’re drinking clean water and even if you manage to find a river close by, always carry some water cleansing tablets that will kill all the microorganisms that might be in the water.

Travelling is one of the best ways to spend your time, but staying safe and healthy during your adventures is even better. A few of the skills we’ve already mentioned take some time and energy to master, but when you’re out there in the unknown, these can save your life, help you find food, and get you back home. You’ll feel more secure if you start your next trip knowing all these skills, so start checking them out today!


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