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Antigua & Barbuda – Paving the Way for Sustainable

The stunning, sun-touched Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda has long been a premier destination in the region, a brother-and-sister island combination beloved by travellers for its winning mix of superb beaches, compelling wildlife, and world-class resorts. A mecca for relaxation, adventure, and romance, Antigua and Barbuda was naturally affected when tourism suffered a stark downturn due to COVID-19. 

When small businesses in tourism and tourism-adjacent industries started going out of business, concerns mounted about locals in the Antigua and Barbuda community struggling to put food on the table. Enter the Tree Tribe: an innovative, eco-friendly approach to ensuring the populace of this beautiful destination can sustain themselves during this challenging time. 

Launched in 2020, the Tree Tribe is a community-driven initiative led by Aidan McCauley, Director of Antigua’s Sugar Ridge Resort and Wellness Ambassador for the destination. The first goal of the program is simple: to distribute and plant fruit trees, free of charge, for locals to incorporate in their gardens. Drawing upon a robust network of volunteers, the Tree Tribe has successfully distributed thousands of trees to families, churches, and schools.  

Besides increasing food security in a difficult time, the program offers a host of environmental benefits, including carbon reduction, drought prevention, and wildlife habitation. To this end, and in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, future goals have been identified such as reforestation and roadside beautification. The Tree Tribe’s planting program further beautifies an already beautiful destination and unites the local community in an era of uncertain times. 

To learn more about the Tree Tribe and how you can contribute, visit https://www.thetreetribe.com/ 


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