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ARC’TERYX and Songtsam Present the Kawagarbo Series

A Limited Edition of Technical/High Performance Apparel Inspired By the Highest Peak in China’s Famous Meili Snow Mountains

ARC’TERYX, the global design company specializing in outdoor technical high-performance apparel and equipment, together with Songtsam, the award-winning collection of luxury boutique hotels resorts and tours, in the Tibet and Yunnan Provinces of China, held a press launch of the limited edition co-branded Kawagarbo Series. Born out of a five-year strategic partnership between ARC’TERYX and Songtsam, and inspired by the first and highest peak in the Meili Snow Mountain Range, Kawagarbo, the collection’s launch highlights the sustainable principles and initiatives of the two brands who both advocate for the harmonious coexistence between humans and nature. The launch took place last week at the ARC’TERYX store on Broadway in SoHo, New York City. 

Florence Li, Songtsam International Director of Sales & Marketing

Florence Li, Songtsam’s Director of International Sales & Marketing, spoke about the ongoing symbiosis of humans and nature and how it was a major factor in Songtsam’s decision to collaborate with ARC’TERYX. Li told the gathering at the launch about Songtsam’s commitment to sustainability and spoke about the collaboration with ARC’TERYX for the Kawagarbo Series itself. She said, “We are excited to inspire and encourage our industry partners to live in harmony with the mountains and nature through this global media launch of this first ARC’TERYX X Songtsam collection.” 

Guy Fattal, well known Outdoor & Adventure Photographer, also spoke, and noted that, “I believe that the collaboration between ARC’TERYX and Songtsam is a natural connection for two brands that emphasize sustainable development whilst leaving a positive impact- environmentally and socially. Born in the coastal mountains, ARC’TERYX has always been committed to conveying its unique outdoor lifestyle, leading people into nature and finding Outer Peace. I have also learned that Songtsam provides a superior experience for many mountain travelers, whilst opening the door to hidden and unique places.” 

Inspired by the Kawagarbo Peak, the first of thirteen peaks in the Meili Snow Mountain Range in the Yunnan Province of China, the co-branded Kawagarbo Series features the rich colors of Oracle and Daze Yellow, Bordeaux Red, and Kingfisher Blue, each reflecting a different phenomena in local nature. The colors are inspired by the representative red and yellow in Tibetan culture, as well as the yellow (representing land) and red (representing people) in the Songtsam logo. “The colors for the co-branded Kawagarbo Series between ARC’TERYX and Songtsam draw inspiration from the local mountain culture and the sacred mountain that is prohibited to climb,” noted Guy Fattal. The Series includes well-known products of ARC’TERYX, including the Beta AR Jacket, Gamma MX Hoody, Aerios 15 Backpack. In addition, the inner left pocket of the Beta AR Jacket is embroidered with the collection’s exclusive logo that depicts the thirteen peaks of the Meili Snow Mountain, adding unique meaning and imagery to the product. 

ARC’TERYX and Songtsam Mountain Clean up Initiative

As a representative of global leading outdoor brands, ARC’TERYX always thinks about how to have a positive global impact on sustainability. Songtsam’s mission, as a collection of luxury properties, shares the same commitment to environmental sustainability as well as supporting the economies of the local communities. After the official announcement of ARC’TERYX ReBIRD™ project in 2021, ARC’TERYX and Songtsam agreed to donate part of the revenue from the sales of the Kawagarbo Series to support the operation of a local resident initiated mountain clean-up team. The growth of the number of visitors enjoying magnificent views and exploring the venturous peaks, unfortunately had a downside and resulted in a huge increase of the garbage left behind. The local mountain clean-up team responsible for removing this litter from the mountain was determined to do the clean up in a way that would minimize the environmental impact by using mules. ARC’TERYX will initiate ‘ARC’TERYX mountain clean-up team’ and donate 15 mules to the local mountain clean-up teams to support this environmental initiative. This action embodies one of ARC’TERYX four core values – DO RIGHT. This commitment by both brands, ARC’TERYX and Songtsam, to creating harmony between humans and nature, through sustainable development will only reach its peak with practical actions that will positively impact the local environment.