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Are 7 Days Tour Itinerary Enough to Discover Egypt?

The world was created in seven days and you will get the chance to live your own miraculous adventure across the ethereal wonders of Egypt. Seven days vacation in Egypt is the key to creating the memories of a lifetime and discovering the golden essence of the greatest travel destination ever made on the face of the earth. Egypt is a blessed nation filled with infinite wonders that comes in every shape and color displaying the heavenly rich array of art, culture, history, and natural beauty that was cultivated over 7000 years. Within the magical cities of Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Alexandria, Aswan, and Hurghada are a number of incredible gems which you can explore most of them during your seven days delightful journey. Everyone will get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a part of a magical quest across all the living miracles of Egypt in a customized tour itinerary which will utilize every day and every moment to be filled with the sight of one of the greatest and oldest archeological wonders ever made in history while providing the most excellent services and the perfect safety measures.

Seven days doesn’t sound like a lot to fully explore all the wonders of Egypt but we have customized the ideal seven-day tour itinerary which will help you in taking advantage of every single moment of your time exploring all the many living miracles of Egypt. Seven days Egypt tour will be like a magical wish come true, providing an epic entrance leading to all the immortal treasures of Egypt that shed light on the most diverse and rich history & culture which will guarantee that you live the tour vacation of dreams. Everyone will have the amazing option to adjust this itinerary or even create their own from the start which will be filled with hand-picked attractions that will pique your own interest; some of these options include exploring the pearl of the Mediterranean sea Alexandria, the natural wonders of the Egyptian Sahara, the tropical marine treasures of the Red Sea through diving & snorkeling, and many more.

Every single second spent across the heavenly cities will become the most magical memories which only depends on how you use your time. The best way to use your time wisely and enjoy the most magical Egypt tour is to hire a travel agency that will customize the most excellent holiday itinerary across Egypt, handle all the important and minor details on this epic adventure, plus will prepare all the means to take advantage of every single second on your Egypt tour across all the heavenly lands and waters. In this article, we will explore the best possible option for 7 days Egypt Tour Itinerary based on our latest studies and reviews of travelers who explored the lands and waters of Egypt in the most magical fashion.

Day One Visit the Giza Pyramids Area

From the moment you land in Egypt before starting your first day, we will make sure you are prepared and ready which all your needed papers and passport. Then, enjoy the most entertaining and fun Dinner Cruise across the Nile River in Cairo and a sound & light show in the Giza complex. Your first day in Cairo will begin by exploring the heavenly Giza Pyramids complex which is the most visited archaeological attraction on earth that dates back to 2600 BC. It is known to be the home of the epic last standing wonder of the seven wonders of the ancient world the great pyramid of king Khufu and the Sphinx of king Khafre which is known to be the oldest man-made statue on earth and is the greatest model of ancient Egyptian art ever created plus there is the highly preserved Valley temple where the mummification process was performed.

Day Two Explore Cairo Downtown and Its Landmarks

In this blessed second day, everyone will get to explore the treasures of the golden city that never sleeps and the capital city of minarets Cairo will shed light on the ancient and rich history and culture of the many civilizations that gifted Egypt with countless number of treasures found across the magical Egyptian Museum, the blessed Hanging church which was built on the path of the holy family in Egypt in the 5th century AD, the first ever mosque constructed in African the Amr Ibn Al Aas mosque in 641 AD,  the golden Muizz Street which acts as the greatest Islamic open-air museum which holds some of the most enchanting examples of art across the cafes and houses which is found next to the heavenly Khan El Khalili Bazaar which is known as the best shopping market found across the golden streets of old Cairo, the national Egyptian museum which was made in 2020 to hold the most incredible collections of ancient Egyptian artifacts and mummies, and more where everyone can discover in the most magical manner.

Day Three Travel to Luxor and Visit Luxor East Banks and Embark on a Nile Cruise

On your journey on the third day, everyone will cast their eyes on the golden treasures found in the heavenly lands of Thebes which holds the epic Luxor Temple made in 1400 BC in the new kingdom period by a number of kings to be a center of crowning and festivals which would explain the magical works of art which can be seen very vividly in the night under the heavenly rays of the moon, and the mythical Karnak temples complex which was made between 2000 BC and 30 BC to be the religious capital of Egypt which made it become the second most visited place in the world that contains some of the most mythical and beautiful creations of art. Within the golden east Bank are some of the most enchanting archaeological creations that narrate incredible tales as you will see them come to life at the moment your board the Nile Cruise where you will feel the powers of the Nile River overwhelming your body and soul of sensations of joy, serenity, and grace.

Day Four Enjoy the Nile Cruise and Visit Luxor West Banks

Day four will continue across the celestial Nile River which leads to the golden Luxor west bank which holds the legendary Valley of the kings that is located underground in the belly of a hidden hill with one entrance leading to an incredible number of tombs filled with incredible art and treasures showcasing the believes and mentality of the ancient Egyptian royalty, the immortal symbol of beauty Hatshepsut Temple which was established to immortalized the heritage of queen Hatshepsut till the end of times plus stand as an epic example of preserved ancient Egyptian classical architecture, plus explore the enduring colossi of Memnon that stood the test of time to tell its own glorious stories. Cruising the Nile River across Luxor will be a very magical quest filled with heavenly moments and memories filled with the golden essence of the celestial lands of Luxor.

Day Five Visit All Aswan Landmarks

On day five, you can explore the miraculous treasures of Aswan which are the blessed Philae Temple which holds the very magical tale of Isis and Osiris carved across its giant walls which were made in the 7th century BC. On the lands of southern Egypt is the heavenly unfinished obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut which was built to be the tallest man-made obelisk in the history of humanity. On the waters of the Nile River is the marvelous Aswan High Dam which powered the entire country of Egypt with hydroelectric energy since the mid-60s. Everyone will have the option in this epic Nile Cruise to make an adjustment to explore some magical archaeological wonders near Aswan through the Nile River Cruise. Close to the golden city of bliss, Aswan is the marvelous glorious temples of Edfu Temple house of Horus the falcon sky god, and the one-of-a-kind Kom Ombo Temple which has a unique double design dedicated to two Gods Horus the elder and Sobek the crocodile god.

Day Six Enjoy the Nubian Village Tour

On day six, everyone will get to discover the golden heritage of the immortal city of Aswan located across the heavenly Nubian Village tour which is filled with colorful artworks, interesting traditions, and a blessed rich culture dating back to more than 4000 years of that will make your travel experience very thrilling, entertaining, and enriching. 

Day Seven Travel Back to Your Country

On this final day, everyone will get to reflect on their time spent across the immortal cities of Egypt where everyone got to make the most magical memories on this amazing travel adventure which will be cherished when you get back to your country safely.


We hope this article provides all the important destinations and tourist attractions to visit in Egypt only during 7 days Egypt vacation as everyone will experience the true definition of a complete vacation, we highly recommend checking these 7 days Egypt tour itineraries which are by far the most incredible and ideal option to discover the golden miracles of Egypt that stood the test of time. Every single moment lived on your tour will be transformed into the most memories in this once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunity across one of the greatest and most complete travel destinations on earth.