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Does the Philippines Allow Access to Online Slots for Travelers?

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Traveling to the Philippines is one of the goals that a lot of people have. If you have been there already, then you know what it has to offer. Apart from the amazing nightlife, a bunch of restaurants, and cafes, you will manage to enjoy natural beauties, friendly locals, and a decent climate.

However, as you can conclude from the title of the article, we are not here to discuss wildlife, forests, and similar stuff in this article. We are here to discuss online gambling. We do understand that a lot of tourists want to make their vacation as entertaining as possible.

Because of that, they would want to try out different things and make some memorable moments. Gambling is one of them, without any doubt. Because of that, we would like to explain the Filipino laws and let you know whether online slots and other games are legal within the country or not.

Are Slot Sites Allowed in the Philippines?

The answer to that question is YES. However, there are certain rules that may seem strange to people. There is no law that says online gambling is forbidden. Locals, as well as tourists, are free to gamble online from the comfort of their rooms. You, as a traveler, can play slots from any location that is covered with a stable Wi-fi connection.

So, what’s strange there? Well, something we haven’t said is that gambling businesses that have registered their business in the Philippines can’t offer services to the players from this country. That basically means that all the laws are actually a bit stricter for businesses. There is nothing residents or tourists should worry about.

Can Tourists Play Online Slots in the Philippines for Free?

People decide on this luck-based gambling game to have fun. Some tourists do not even have the desire to invest money and potentially make a profit out of this game. Fortunately, the freemium version of this game does exist, and it is present on many gambling sites that legally operate within the Filipino gambling market.

If you want to find the best Filipino slot sites, we recommend you check this page. There you can gather all the necessary information that will let you ensure yourself entertaining gambling.

Responsible Regulatory Bodies within the Philippines

All the slot casinos you find are going to try to impress you with some cool offers. For example, some of them will offer amazing bonuses. Apart from that, some casino sites will focus on offering the best providers for international currency transfers.

But these features do not have value if the Filipino slot casino sites you picked aren’t licensed. Here are some of the most important regulatory bodies within the country you should know about.

Most Important Body – PAGCOR

For those that do not know, PAGCOR stands for Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. This is an agency that is 100% owned by the country. It is the only regulatory body that has the right to issue licenses to online and offline gambling operators.

Apart from that, it is worth mentioning that this agency is also the owner of some brick-and-mortar casinos that operate within the country. Logically, most of them are located in Manila. So, if you want to be safe while playing online slots, check out if the casino you picked has the license of this organization.


This regulatory body has a bit of a different purpose. It does not control typical casino games as PAGCOR does. However, it does control horse race-betting. It also ensures there is no illegal importation of sports horses.


GAB stands for Games and Amusement Board. Just like in the previous case, this organization does not regulate slots, table games, and other options. It is strictly focused on sports betting.

The purpose of this organization is to prevent illegal sports betting and shut down all the illegal online bookies that want to trick locals and tourists. So, in case you want to try out sports betting and gambling at the same time, you now know which licenses and organizations are the most important ones.

Do Tourists Have to be 18+ to Play Slots?

This is one of the most common questions that people ask on different platforms. It won’t be enough if you are just 18+. According to the Filipino gambling law, you need to be 21 and older. The same rule counts for both – residents and locals. In the Cagayan Special Economic Zone, gambling at 18 is possible. However, that’s just a small exception.


Well, these are probably all the questions you have been asking about gambling laws in the Philippines. As you see, there are no obstacles you will have to be careful of. The only thing you will have to respect is to be older than 21.

Take note that it is always important to plan your travel budget before spending some money on entertainment. There are a lot of online slot casinos in the Philippines that are 100% legal for tourists. You can even play this game for free in case you are not willing to invest money.