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Alexey Molchanov Makes History in Bonaire Breaking Freediving World Record

The Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) showed their support of the Freediving World Record 2023 attempt that took place on the Dutch Caribbean island on March 25th. Russian world champion freediver Alexey Molchanov made his attempt through the official freediving institution International Association for the Development of Apnea (AIDA) where he represented Serbia and the international flag.

Molchanov, known as “The Machine” in the diving community and history’s most daring freediver, has been accustomed to breaking records since the age of five. On Saturday, March 25th, Alexey Molchanov broke the Variable Weight (VWT) World Record by descending to a depth of 501 feet, but he did not stop there. On March 28th, Molchanov attempted a final dive and challenged himself with the goal of beating his new World Record, to which he succeeded. The athlete shared on his Instagram, “Today on Bonaire island I dove to 156 meters/511 feet setting a new world record in the VWT discipline, descent with extra weight (sled) and ascent with monofin. It took 4 min 27 sec.” His accomplishment marks an incredible display of human endurance and determination, with the island of Bonaire continuing to prove itself to be a world-class freediving destination with record-breaking results. 

The island was also home to many other remarkable feats, with Eric Van Riet Paap setting a new Variable Weight (VWT) National Record for the Netherlands with a dive of 305 feet, while Brandon Best set a new Variable Weight (VWT) National Record for the USA with a dive of 170 feet. 

“The success of the event so far and the athlete’s record-breaking dives highlight the incredible capabilities of the human body and the power of dedication and perseverance,” said Carlos Coste of Blue Classroom. “All of this would not have been possible without the full support of Tourism Corporation Bonaire, STINAPA, STCB, and a host of other incredible sponsors and volunteers. We extend our deepest gratitude to all those who offered their time, dedication, and expertise to ensure the athletes’ safety during their record attempts and making this event a massive success.”

“We are happy Alexey and other adventure seekers looked to the eco-forward paradise that is Bonaire to not only showcase their talents but to make history on the island,” said Miles Mercera, CEO of Tourism Corporation Bonaire. “Our protected and pristine waters created the ultimate setting for the freediving feat and helped many athletes add yet another accolade to their professional freediving portfolios.”

AIDA is the single largest organizer of international freediving competitions, rules, and regulations. Their mission is to demonstrate to the world that the sport is safe, fun, challenging and a fantastic blend of inner peace, concentration, and teamwork. The island is implementing a number of protocols to ensure optimum safety during the attempt, with measures like a counter ballast system and an ambulance on standby, ensuring the best possible environment for this attempt.