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Booking.com pioneers a first-of-its-kind Quality Rating system for apartments, holiday homes and villas

Similar to hotel star classification ratings, the new Quality Rating system provides traveller assurance by making it easier to compare the quality of unique places to stay

Travellers today are presented with more choices than ever when it comes to selecting the perfect place to stay. While hotel star classification ratings are widely recognized and used across the globe as a means to help assess and compare the quality of a hotel, no globally applicable rating system exists for travellers looking to stay in an alternative accommodation, like a home or apartment  – until now. With a mission to make it easier for everyone to experience the world, and with an average of seven guests checking into a home, apartment or other unique place to stay on its platform every second, Booking.com is taking the lead in pioneering a first-of-its-kind, globally consistent and objective Quality Rating system for apartments, holiday homes and villas.

With 31% of Canadian travellers preferring to stay in a holiday home or apartment over a hotel in 2020 and with ‘Star Rating’ one of the top applied filters on Booking.com, this innovation reflects Booking.com’s ongoing commitment and investment to create an even more seamless travel experience while providing travellers with the widest choice of incredible places to stay. Similar to a hotel star classification rating system that objectively rates hotels according to a set of quality criteria, the new Quality Rating for apartments, holiday homes and villas on Booking.com is designed to fill a gap in the travel industry. It provides a global benchmark that travellers can recognize and rely on to identify properties that match their quality requirements more easily. 

How the Quality Rating works

The Quality Rating system uses a machine learning algorithm that takes into account over 400 factors, such as property location, size and facilities, helping travellers better identify the quality and comfort of properties across the world to inform their decision making process when selecting their perfect vacation home away from home. Ranging from 1 to 5, yellow tiles that clearly indicate the varying quality levels are positioned next to the individual property’s name on Booking.com. The Quality Rating scores are benchmarked against nearby properties to ensure the results are locally relevant, and recalculate throughout the year to guarantee accuracy.

Top scorers around the world

The U.S., Greece, Spain, Italy and France top the list of countries with the highest number of top scorers (5 out of 5), while travellers from Saudi Arabia, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Great Britain and China top the list when it comes to the nationalities that most frequently select top scored apartments, holiday homes or villas. 

Eric Bergaglia, Global Head of Booking.com’s homes and apartments business commented “We are excited to pioneer technology and develop a service that was absent from the industry until now. While hotel guests have been able to rely on a long established star rating system to help inform their decisions, travellers choosing more unique places to stay have been missing something similar in their decision making mix. Now, alongside valuable and verified guest reviews, travellers on Booking.com can search for an apartment, holiday home or villa by its Quality Rating score and feel further empowered to make a choice that will match their expectations from there. 75% of all properties awarded in our recent Booking.com Traveller Review Awards 2020 are homes, apartments and other unique types of property, with almost 40% made up of apartments alone. With this new system in place, we look forward to making it even easier for travelers to find the perfect place to stay wherever they want to go.”

To find your own perfect place to stay using Booking.com’s exclusive Quality Rating system for apartments, holiday homes and villas, visit Booking.com. Simply filter by “Star Rating” to find the apartments, holiday homes and villas with the Quality Ratings to best match your need.


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