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Holiday Cancelled? Fear Not!

Its finally here, the morning of the highly anticipated family vacation. It is all the family has been talking about for weeks. The girls can’t wait to relax on the sunbeds in the glorious sun, topping up their tan. The boys can’t wait to try out all 17 of the resorts awesome looking slides. And you? Well you and the husband are just looking forward to sipping margaritas without the dark cloud of work the next day hanging over your heads.

It’s 4 in the morning, the kids haven’t slept, truth be told, you haven’t either. You pretend to groan when the kids burst through the door at 4:01 jumping on the bed and screaming that it’s time to go on holidays, but secretly, your just as excited. You all pile into the taxi and make your way to the airport, cheesy grins on everyone’s faces. You pay the driver and unload all the suitcases onto the tarmac and make the long walk over to departures. You walk through the doors and look for your flight on the monitor.

Then your heart drops. The culprit? The word CANCELLED in big red letters next to your destination.

The kids are crying, your husband is grumbling, but it is your job to hold it together. You need to plan your next move; this doesn’t mean no holiday. You know that you are entitled to get a refund, so you put your best happy smile on and start to calm the kids down. Now is not the time to panic, now is time for you to get your money back. You head back home and get your laptop out and begin the process.

If this has happened to you and you do not know what to do next, click here to find out your best options.


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