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Dragon boat race

6 Reasons to Visit Osoyoos (and the South Okanagan) This Fall

Throughout the decades, Osoyoos, in BC's South Okanagan, has evolved into an all-seasons leisure and recreation destination where visitors come each year to cycle,...
Belize’s 37th independence anniversary

Join a September full of celebration for Belize’s 37th independence anniversary

This year, Belize observes its 37th year of freedom and independence with a day full of activities, colorful street parades, lively music and a...
Villa Necchi Campiglio in Milan

House of Gucci Tour in Italy Visits Movie’s Iconic Locations

With the 2022 travel season in full swing, Quiiky Tours – the first Italian-based LGBTQ+ tour specialist – is reporting growing interest in its...
LGBTQ+ advocate Cara Cochran and her family

GoWhee Teams Up with LGBTQ+ Family Advocate Cara Cochran To Address Top Challenges LGBTQ...

Travel planning can be particularly trying for LGBTQ+ families. Destination, amenities, and social climate are just a few factors that can seriously impact travel...

Where to experience Pride in Europe

Pride is alive and celebrating around the world again, and Booking.com has compiled a list of some of the best places to experience the...
travelers on bikes in Italy

Hotel Certification Program Targets Surging LGBTQ Travel

Sonders & Beach has partnered with RINA to officially launch the world’s first LGBTQ+ certification program to identify and certify hotels, destinations and travel...

6 Destinations to Help Travelers Feel Rejuvenated, and Where to Celebrate Pride Month Festivities

Now into our third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the important benefits that travel has on health and wellbeing are now being acknowledged. According...

5 locations to explore Amsterdam’s LGBTQ+ history

Dutch culture is synonymous with tolerance and inclusivity. It's what allows red light windows to exist alongside churches, and shawarma to be an acceptable...

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