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Discovery Colombia’s Lost City of Teyuna

The ancient Lost City of Teyuna, in Colombia's Sierra Nevada region, has long captured the imagination of travellers seeking off-the-beaten-track trekking adventures. For the...

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

There are approximately 500 million people across the globe who are Spanish native speakers. That makes the language of Cervantes the second-most spoken native...

Serious adventure on not so serious bikes

Monkey Run Peru takes you through some of the country’s most isolated areas and is not for the faint hearted. Starting in Atalaya in...

6 surprising facts about South America that will make you want to visit!

Did you know, there’s a World Cup for Tango and it’s in Buenos Aires, Argentina? Every August Buenos Aires holds the world’s largest festival...
International Galapagos Tour Operators Association

This Might Be the Best Time to Visit the Galapagos

With everyone eager to resume traveling, some destinations – such as the Galapagos Islands -- are ahead of the curve in welcoming visitors back...

Visit Brazil: With New Visa-Free Entry

There is good news for travelers this week: the Brazilian government has announced that from 17 June 2019 residents of the US and Canada...

Brazilian Luxury Travel Association Shares Latest Trends in Luxury Travel to Brazil

Luxury tourism from the UK to Brazil has never been hotter, and with the news just announced that Virgin Atlantic will launch daily flights...