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What holiday trends are proving popular with travellers for 2018? We look at some of the in-vogue holiday ideas that could be worth trying over the next few months.

The switch-off holiday

  • A holiday is the perfect chance to tear yourself away from the pressures of everyday life and people are increasingly leaning towards a ‘switch-off’ break in more ways than one.
  • There is an increasing popularity in visiting remote, tranquil destinations, while some tourists are choosing destinations for their lack of mobile and Internet connectivity so that they can zone out completely from work and other everyday pressures.

Earlier bookings

  • According to a report from the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), there were 5% more summer 2018 holiday bookings made prior to the end of 2017 than for the respective periods one year earlier (i.e. summer 2017 holidays booked in 2016).
  • Popular destinations are being booked out at peak holiday times earlier than in recent years, with consumers wiser to peak seasons and booking earlier to ensure that they get in ahead of the curve.

All-inclusive packages

  • Although many economies are beginning to recover from the deep recession of nearly a decade ago, holiday makers continue to seek all-inclusive packages as an ideal way to manage their budgets while still enjoying a memorable break.
  • ABTA’s research showed that almost 1 in 4 holiday makers plan to avail of an all-inclusive package in 2018, with 34% of young families attracted to this option.

River cruises

  • River cruising has become the fastest-growing sector in the worldwide cruise market, with many cruise operators launching river cruising ships of luxury ocean liner standard.
  • This holiday type is proving especially popular with millennials, a trend that cruise operators have recognised in the form of contemporary features such as superfast Wi-Fi connectivity, sunrise yoga classes, rooftop bars, international DJs and farm-to-table cuisine.

Low-cost long-haul

  • Low-cost long-haul air travel is riding the crest of the wave as 2018 begins, with airlines like Norwegian and Eurowings expanding their operations in a bid to challenge established long-haul operators.
  • With some European destinations almost overcrowded and, in some cases, offering poor currency exchange rates, low-cost flights to more far-flung destinations are becoming a very attractive option.

Taking advantage of technology

  • With technology able to provide an unprecedented level of information about a destination before travelling, travellers are taking full advantage of online features.
  • A study from Booking.com showed that 64% of travellers will take a virtual tour of a place in the form of an augmented reality walkthrough, while 50% follow through on personalised suggestions offered from their browsing history.
  • Also, online reviews are increasingly relied upon as an impartial guide to various hotels and attractions, a trend that has not been lost on tourism-related businesses actively encouraging customers to leave reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor.

The experience holiday

  • Travellers are leaning increasingly more towards spending big on ticking off bucket list items on holidays instead of purchasing extravagant material goods.
  • The Booking.com survey showed that plenty of holidaymakers intend to make 2018 the year that they visited a dream destination or tasted an experience that they had been intending to try for a long time.
  • Whether it’s trying out a new adventure, going to a place that has long been regarded as special or savouring the atmosphere of a major event, there is a discernible trend amongst travellers towards embracing once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Reliving a childhood holiday

  • It isn’t just new experiences that travellers seek in 2018; Booking.com’s study revealed that 1 in 3 holidaymakers intend reliving a holiday from their childhood.
  • With so many travellers posting holiday photos on social media, this trend towards going ‘back to the future’ presents the perfect opportunity to capture now-and-then photos for social posterity.
  • Many travellers enjoy going back to places they visited as a child and experiencing it as adults to compare the two holidays.

The healthy holiday

  • The pursuit of a healthier lifestyle has become a common goal amongst adults and this has been carried over into the increased demand for holidays based around health and wellbeing.
  • Walking holidays have become especially popular, with the Camino de Santiago route a real favourite, while cycling and water sport holidays are also growing in popularity.
  • It isn’t just physical health that’s influencing holiday themes, either. Spa resort visits, yoga retreats and full body detox and medication holidays are becoming increasingly common as people begin to view holidays as the continuation of, rather than a break from, a healthy lifestyle.

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