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Cruise Upon the Mediterranean Seas With Ponant

The absolute best way to cruise is in the complete lap of luxury.  

We want to sail the open seas with a cruise company and captain that have accomplished several decades of skilled and experienced voyages, providing us with the comfort and calmness we desire.  

We want to check into cosy cabins staffed with a pleasant and attentive crew.

We want to be pampered and presented with fabulous food and entertained with interesting itineraries.  

Therefore, when choosing the luxury Mediterranean cruise to travel with, we must ensure it is able to confidently provide all this and more besides.  Pontant have been cruising across the globe for over 30 years and are currently the number one high-end polar cruise operator.  

Their low capacity boats means that we are quickly able to find our way around the ships without getting lost, walking long distances only to find we went the wrong way and are meant to be on the other end of the ship!  The compactness provides a cosy and more decadent atmosphere. We are able to become familiar with our fellow cruisers and enjoy the company and comradery that enhances one’s travel experience.

The compact cruise ships allows us enjoy unique ports of call with luxury small cruise ships, as we are able to travel to  popular ports as well as lesser known, hidden away locations that larger capacity ships are not able to get to.   This gives us the additional luxury of exploring places many other travellers have not had the opportunity to experience.

Some sophisticated cruisers may debate as to which destination constitutes the perfect cruise, however, according to general consensus, the Mediterranean is the world’s leading travel destination.  

The beautiful bright days and the mild-climate the area provides, means that we will enjoy constant comfortable temperatures.  We can wear both our teeny tiny bikinis and evening gowns (at the appropriate times, of course) without the fear of freezing or sweltering!  

The scenic views of the Mediterranean landscape, creates some of the most idyllic images for you to share with your family, friends and social media accounts!

Ponants luxury Mediterranean cruises visits all the classic destinations where you can experience the unique aesthetic and charm that characterises each country.

Corsica, in the French region, is known as the Island of Beauty.  With her traditional mediterranean ports and remote mountain villages, the quaintness of the location will be sure to inspire fantasies of living a simpler life as the locals do there.  

The French Provence, features rolling vineyards, olive groves and alps that provide us with indulgent excursions where it’s possible to sample some of the regions most famed produce.

Sailing into the Italian ports, Sardinia and Sicily, we will be struck by the distinctive colours of the natural environment against the antiquated cobble roads and stone buildings which marks the identity of the country.

The ports of Spain, Malaga, Andalusia and Cadiz  will seduce us with their sunshine and bustling cities, here you can explore more metropolitan excursions and attractions.

Be sure to ask about some of the worlds best golfing locations in these areas or places of historical interest that are famous for some of grandest architectural masterpieces in the world. In doing this we can truly immerse ourselves in the experience of the foreign lands.

Other themes available on the Mediterranean cruises are; Music -where we are serenaded by talented musicians who offer entainment and performances throughout the voyage.

Art and Literature – with itineraries designed in partnership with Christie’s, the world’s most prestigious art auction house.  We will visit a wide variety of places of artistic relevance as well as enjoying illustrious art on board.

Gastronomy and Oenology -owing to the fact that Ponant is a French cruise operator, the emphasis on great quality food is felt.  If you wish to enjoy the best cuisine the culture has to offer, this theme will leave you not only satisfied but thoroughly impressed.

The exquisite dishes prepared by French chefs of this 5 star cruise will be sure to delight and enchant your palate.  Each meal is accompanied by an excellent selection of wines for you to peruse and pair with your chosen dish.

In short,  if you choose to cruise with Pontant you can be confident that you will enjoy the luxury holiday of your dreams,  providing you with amazing memories that will last you a lifetime!