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Design Inspiration from the World’s Most Stunning Casinos

Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels

Casinos have always been associated with glamour and wealth, so it’s not surprising to find them in tasteful buildings. They are temples to fun and excess, and their designs often celebrate this.

Rolling the dice below a chandelier has a certain air about it. Even the chairs have ornate embellishments in some of the world’s top gambling establishments.

Perhaps you have admired the panelling of a poker room or the lighting fixtures in a foyer? This guide will show you how you can incorporate some design elements into your home inspired by these venues.

In the meantime, you can get a taste of live casino action as part of your research trip. Truly a win-win scenario if you strike it lucky on the tables.

1. Sun City, Rustenberg, South Africa

This unique building would stand out anywhere, but its location in the South African bush makes it more dramatic. It resembles a fairytale palace, a tribute to imagination and extravagance.

If it wasn’t for the lions living on the doorstep, you could mistake it for a European royal castle. Inside, the mosaics and statues showcase the wonders of South African wildlife.

On the ceiling are hand painted frescoes, the floors are extraordinary, tiled designs. Bedrooms are opulent, with rich fabrics and hues that envelop guests in splendor.

So, how do you bring this luxury home? While it may be impossible to install a 25-meter high cupola, you can add stone animal statues to your entrance.

Choose paintings of African wildlife scenes to liven up your dining room. Thick-woven rugs in burgundy and burnt orange will add grandeur to your living room or hallways.

2. The Ritz Club, London, England

Located at one of the most exclusive addresses in the world, The Ritz Club oozes British charm. The architects, Charles-Frédéric Mewe and Arthur Davis joined together to design the Mayfair icon in 1905.

It has a classic yet contemporary style, making casino visitors comforted by the sleek surroundings. Money wasn’t a problem when the lavish interiors were dreamt up, reflected in the neo-classical décor.

If you’d like your home to remind visitors of this iconic British venue, you can do so in several ways.

  1. Invest in a high quality wooden table for your dining room, or even a games table
  2. Add an ornate gold clock
  3. Hang some heavily embellished gold mirrors
  4. Get some heavy drapes in red, pinned back across the doorway

3. Kurhaus Baden Baden, Germany

The spa town that has attracted the aristocracy for hundreds of years is home to this extraordinary casino. Marlena Dietrich was a big fan, and she described it as the most beautiful casino in the world.

The gold and red color scheme harks back to a polished era, where Hollywood stars graced the tables. Enormous chandeliers and glass lighting fixtures flood the salons with light, there is no place to hide.

On the walls are embellished murals, and everything is gilded in gold. This is a place to dress up for, no trainers are in sight.

So, how do you make your home a little more Belle Époque? Hire an artist to create a bold wall mural in your home.

Gold can be used extensively – think gold trim on the chairs, on the table, and any accessories. You can use different shades of red in velvet and silk to get the mood right.

Of course, if you have the space – a huge, dramatic crystal chandelier will really encapsulate the style.

4. Wynn Las Vegas, United States

In the casino capital of the world, there’s some solid competition for which one looks best. That award has to go to Wynn Las Vegas, designed by Roger Thomas.

The towering glass building may look supremely modern on its exterior, but the interior has elements of baroque. It has been described as having “a feminine perspective” in a macho town.

Here, you’ll enter a vaulted atrium lush with tropical foliage and pools with swimming goldfish. Take an elevator with Indian marble doors inlaid with mother of pearl in 12 different shades.

It’s romantic, elegant and made for high rollers who don’t count their losses. To give that impression in your home, it’s easier than you think.

Use embroidered fabric on your walls for a suggestion of taste. Have silk lining in your closets and drawers.

If you can afford to have your bathroom done in marble, then you’ll really get the Wynn experience. Don’t forget some heated mirrors.

5.  Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco

Probably the grandest casino in the world, this venue has inspired authors and princes for 250 years. When you step into it, you’ll feel like ordering a martini, shaken not stirred.

It is a blend of Spanish, Italian and French styles, somehow never becoming fussy. Most would say it’s a great representation of Belle Époque architecture.

Designed by the great architect, Charles Garnier, it was constructed in 1866. The main hall is one of the most impressive in existence, with its grand columns and glass ceiling.

To emulate the style at home, invest in a signature lighting fixture and make it a focal point. Beneath that, the chairs can be simple but high quality.

Make the most of natural light, letting it flood through the windows. Some leather sofas will complete the look.