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Destination weddings: How to pack your wedding attire like a pro

Menswear retailer, Suit Direct reveals top tips on how to correctly pack your wedding attire for overseas weddings.

Planning a wedding abroad is exciting, but challenging, especially with all the logistics to consider, such as getting there in one piece with all your belongings.

To make sure your wedding attire is kept safe and in top condition whilst making the journey, Nicola Barker, Head of Buying at Suit Direct shares her tips on packing for a wedding abroad.

Taking your suit on the plane as part of your carry-on luggage:

Your suit should have come in a hanging bag, but make sure it’s secure enough to keep everything in place. When using the bag, check that the hanger straps from the suit are correctly fastened onto the clothing hanger – loop them around as many times as needed to take the weight off the straps to avoid snapping. You should then be able to take the suit on board and store it in the overhead compartments.

However, if you wish to put your suit and the hanging bag into a carry-on suitcase, we’d advise gently folding the bag either in half or in trifold, keeping it as loose as you can. Also, avoid putting anything on top of the bag to avoid damage.

Before you travel, be sure to check the policy of your airline in terms of carry-on luggage.

Taking your suit on the plane as part of your checked-in luggage:

If you’re opting to put your suit in your suitcase, you need to pack it carefully. Turn the jacket inside out and pop the shoulders out first. Then, fold the jacket in half lengthwise, and fold it again the other way.

For the trousers, get rolling. Place them on a flat surface, and fold them, placing one leg over the other through the middle, near the crotch. Then roll from the waist until you get to the cuffs.

For the shirt, fold it over vertically, so the two sleeves match. Then, folder the sleeves over so you have a long rectangle, and then roll it and put it in your case.

Stuff your shoes with tissue paper:

Stuffing your shoes with paper helps retain their shape during storage and transit. Tissue paper is ideal, but make sure it’s acid-free to avoid damaging the materials.

Packing other accessories:

For your other accessories such as cufflinks, pop them in a zipped pocket or small container. Roll up socks and ties to save space.

Once you arrive at your destination, air your items immediately:

When you arrive, take your suit straight out of the bag and hang it up to help any creases drop out. Always opt to steam your attire over iron, however, be sure to do this before the big day so the clothes have enough time to dry.

If you don’t have a steamer and you also don’t trust yourself with an iron, hang the suit in the bathroom next to the shower and turn on the hot water. Close the door and let the clothes steam for as long as possible to remove the creases.

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