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Digital Nomads, It’s Time To Book a Bush Getaway in The Greatest Country On Earth

It’s official – South Africa has been awarded the title of Greatest Country on Earth by more than 30,000 travel aficionados. For the last ten years in a row this coveted position was awarded to New Zealand, but the readers of The Telegraph newspaper have decided it’s South Africa’s time to shine.

The allure of the country is not just for leisure travelers, though. Digital nomads, who earn a living working online in various locations, will find that booking a working trip to the country holds many benefits, including the fact it’s a mesmerizing world-class experience at an affordable cost.

Globally, the trend of digital nomads is on the rise. Pre-pandemic, digital nomads were a small cohort of travelers, typically in their twenties, who chose to eschew the traditional nine-to-five, office routine in favor of working on their laptops from far-flung places around the world. When the pandemic irrevocably changed the workplace and remote work became the new norm for many professionals, the concept of being a digital nomad entered the mainstream. Fast forward to 2023, and the idea of spending several months a year abroad and earning a living while working online has become a more feasible lifestyle choice than ever before.

Digital nomads typically want to live in affordable places while maintaining a relatively high standard of living and have easy access to technology. South Africa boasts a plethora of such locations, but perhaps one of its most intriguing attractions is the breathtaking Kruger National Park, where digital nomads looking for their next adventure will discover an unforgettable experience.

Work and play in one day

Located in the Greater Kruger Conservancy and on the banks of the iconic Sabie River, Kruger Gate Hotel is the perfect base from which to explore the Kruger National Park.

Imagine this: you’ve awoken in one of Africa’s most beloved destinations and your day begins with the usual, checking emails and pending tasks. The weather is warm, so you make your way down to the pool area, overlooking the unrivaled beauty of the Kruger’s wilderness, and continue with your meetings and projects. A midday break in your work schedule allows you to embark on a bucket list adventure, an open-air safari. You never know what endangered wildlife you might see.

Embarking on a safari adventure through the vast and untamed wilderness of Kruger National Park is a dream for many travel enthusiasts. It is a land that pulsates with the raw energy of Africa, teeming with a rich tapestry of iconic species. “There are few places in the world where you are able to seamlessly connect to WiFi, enjoy your work day in a tranquil wild setting and then set out on a thrilling safari or spa treatment in a matter of minutes. Digital nomads truly get to experience the best of business and leisure at one destination, and they can be rest assured that our generators will ensure they stay connected online at all times,” says Anton Gillis, CEO at Kruger Gate Hotel.

Affordability appeal

For international visitors booking a trip to South Africa has the added attractiveness of favorable currency conversions, with the Rand being weaker than British Pound. This means that traveling to and staying at the Kruger National Park is incredibly affordable for visitors coming in from outside of South Africa – even luxury accommodation in and around the Kruger National Park has a pocket-friendly price-tag. With such a beneficial currency conversion rate you could even book for a longer stay and marvel in more of what the country has to offer.


More women are enjoying the concept of working from anywhere. A Fiverr survey revealed that 34% of ‘Anywhere Workers’ gravitate towards a travel and work lifestyle as they had become tired of the confines of a traditional 9-5 office setting. Furthermore, nearly three quarters (73%) of business travelers would turn down a travel opportunity if they weren’t sure that they would be safe. When booking a remote working holiday safety is an important factor for these ‘Anywhere Workers’ and many business travelers to consider. The Kruger Gate Hotel boasts an airport shuttle service and 24-hour reception and security to ensure traveler safety.

The power of nature

It takes approximately 120 minutes of weekly exposure to natural settings, such as woodlands or coastlines, to boost well-being and a healthier mindset. A 2019 study of 20,000 people by the European Centre for Environment & Human Health at the University of Exeter, revealed that the two hours of time spent in nature could be spread out over the course of a week or done in one go. Being immersed in nature within urban spaces is just one way to achieve benefits, but a rejuvenating working holiday away to the Kruger National Park will be a one-of-a-kind serene backdrop to reinvigorate you – and you will definitely experience more than two hours of time in nature.

A family affair

Digital nomads aren’t always singles or couples, some have families too. Flexible work and homeschooling have helped usher in a new type of digital nomad that wants to see the world and create lasting memories with their families. The Kruger National Park is the epitome of a perfect family holiday destination, offering a unique blend of adventure, education, and unparalleled natural beauty. It’s a place where families can create cherished memories together, immerse themselves in the wonders of wildlife, experience thrilling safaris, and connect with the awe-inspiring African wilderness.

The Kruger National Park presents families with an abundance of thrilling options. Engage in guided bush walks, where your children can walk in the footsteps of ancient explorers, discovering hidden gems of the wilderness. Accompanied by knowledgeable guides, they will learn about animal tracks, medicinal plants, and the delicate balance of nature. Consider a visit to the local communities surrounding Kruger National Park. Engage with the vibrant culture of the Shangaan people, who have called this region home for centuries. Listen to their captivating stories passed down through generations – these immersive experiences will nurture your family’s sense of adventure and instill in them a deep respect for the natural world.