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Dining experiences in Denver, Colorado

The city of Denver stands out for its haute cuisine, characterized by being eclectic and satisfying all tastes.

Located in a large valley surrounded by Rocky Mountains, its streets still maintain some buildings from the Victorian era and the nineteenth and twentieth century, but are combined with a few skyscrapers located in the center of the city.

On the main street (16th Street), there are hundreds of stores, but above all, many restaurants and bars. However, at the end of 16th Street, there is an older street called Larimer Square where some of the most fascinating restaurants are located, run by independent chefs who elaborate a menu of experimental food and propose a cuisine from all over the world, such as Asian, Middle Eastern, or Latin American.

Denver really has it all; beautiful scenery, live music, art, museums, theaters, shopping, restaurants, bars, outdoor activities, fine dining, and much more. That is why it is a very visited city. But above all, what attracts more tourists in recent times is the delicious cuisine that this beautiful city has to offer.

There are many delicious Denver walking food tours that you can take when you are visiting the city, and that is what we will tell you about in this article. Let’s get started!

A delicious walk through Larimer Square

This is a lively shopping center where many shops, bars, restaurants and clubs are located. Larimer Square, was the first city block, and today is one of the most important food epicenters.

An obligatory stop for the Denver food tours offered in the city, since it has many restaurants that seat their clientele outdoors, under a beautiful canopy of twinkling lights.

One of the most renowned restaurants is located there; “El Rioja”. Led by chef Jennifer Jasinski, where you can enjoy the most delicious Mediterranean food. Sitting in the outdoor area, while tasting one of their most iconic dishes, such as pita bread with rabbit, roasted lamb loin or homemade farfalles with octopus, is priceless.

Another popular restaurant in the Larimer area is TAG. Led by Chef Troy Guardia, it offers a cuisine that has no borders, as its dishes enjoy Hawaiian influences (the chef’s birthplace), but also the addition of Latin American and Asian flavors. TAG’s dishes combine local ingredients with the inspiration of international cuisine.

Strolling through Union Station

Union Station is not only a very elegant transit hub, but also the ideal place for those who love food. It is a historic building where many restaurants and bars are located. Some of them are very well known, such as the Marcantile Dining & Provisions, which is a fusion of restaurant and market all in one.

There you will be able to taste the most delicious homemade food in Denver; we especially recommend the pasta. On the other hand, in the European-style market, you can buy products such as canned goods, artisanal sausages, vegetables and fruits brought from Fruition Farms.

Tasting beer at Denver’s Beer Trail

Denver is a true paradise for craft beer lovers, as there you can enjoy the Denver Beer Trail where you can visit many craft breweries and bars, such as Denver Beer Co, Blue Moon Brewing Company, or Wynkoop Brewing Company. The tour can be done on foot and most of the sites have a very family friendly atmosphere.

Lower Downtown Historic District Stories

The Lower Downtown Historic District is home to Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox restaurant. On the same site where a brothel used to operate in the 19th century; but today it is one of Denver’s most popular restaurants. There you can taste incredible dishes with organic and local ingredients, such as the carbonara pita bread or the elk burger.

And as if visiting a former 19th century brothel wasn’t enough of a story to tell, you can also visit the Linger restaurant, which is housed in what was once a funeral home. There you can try dishes inspired by cuisine from different parts of the world, such as Asian, African and American.

But there is even more! Nearby, in the River North neighborhood, is the Acorn restaurant, located in The Source Hotel. It is a wonderful gastronomic market in a place that formerly, in the 1880s, was an iron foundry. The Acorn Restaurant offers different menus each season, for which the dishes are grilled with oak wood.