Discover Quaint Culture In Giverny

Giverny is a picturesque village in Normandy, North France and is famous for being the home of the illustrious impressionist artist, Claude Monet.

It is a must visit destination for anyone interested in natural historical art, decadently cultivated gardens, lush scenic trails, or even just classical period dramas.

The landscape and portrait painter lived and worked in Giverny until his death, from 1883 to 1926. It is clear that the area was an immense source of inspiration to Monet, as many of the views and characteristics of the village are featured in some of his most famous works.

The artist’s home and gardens has been impeccably preserved, maintaining the details and intricacies of the days and lifestyle of Monet and his family.

Visitors are granted access to his residence and private rooms, allowing us to see how he lived and worked.  We are able to take tours of the workshop where he created his renowned masterpieces and gain a greater understanding of the origins of the artist.

Guided day tours including the bus trips to Giverny from Paris brings over 600,000 visits from intrigued tourists every year, who get to intimately explore the property.  The surrounding flowers and trees coupled with the serene atmosphere makes one feel as though they are moving within one of Monet’s wistful oil paintings.

The gardens of Monet are comprised of The Walled Normandy Gardens, The Water Gardens and The Japanese Bridge. These total over 2 and a half acres of land which spreads from the front of his residence.

These gardens completely illustrate the painters inspirations and are like a live action version of his pieces.

The freedom with which the gardens flowers and plants currently grow were uncanningly captured by the painter.

Walking through these grounds gives one a real appreciation of Monet’s influences  and is truly a delight to the senses.

The audio guided tours of the gardens will provide you with a wealth of in depth descriptions and information about of everything you might see.  This will certainly enhance your understanding and experience of both the artist and the environment that was his muse.

Monet’s impressionist art had a huge impact on the entire art movement, from the 1880’s up to contemporary times and has inspired many new artists and much work.

The Impressionist Museum displays impressionist artwork created by aspiring and well known artists The Museum runs two exhibitions a year.  One entitled ‘On Claude Monet’ opened since 2012 and the other are temporary exhibits that change every season. All the artwork displayed are original pieces created by contemporary artists of both French and foreign origin, that have been influenced by Monet’s style.

Tours of the house, gardens and museum is a wonderful way to expand one’s cultural exposure and knowledge in the historical and the contemporary arts.

The best time to visit Giverny is between April and October, where the tourist center is open 7 days a week to provide guests with lots of practical information and useful hints and tips.

The Giverny Tourism Center of Normandy has partnered with some of the areas talented actors to ensure that visitors enjoy a comfortable and entertaining experience in Giverny.

There are touch-screen interactive information boards and regular information booths available. As well as books, brochures and a boutique to bring tourists all the support they might need to explore the area and to feel relaxed and at home in Giverny.

Whether traveling by bus, car or train, Giverny is very easy to get to.  The closest big city to Giverny is Paris. The village is located about 50 miles northwest of Paris, mid way between Évreux and Gisors.  If travelling there by road, the journey will take approximately 1 hour 25 minutes from Paris via the A13. There is the option of taking a route that allows you to avoid the toll roads, in that case, the journey will be around 1 hour 50 minutes.

The close proximity of Giverny to Paris means that many people like to take day trips to the beautiful village, leaving in the morning around 9am and arriving about an hour later around 10am.  This allows them to enjoy the whole day in the grand gardens and other attractions, leaving in the the evening as the sun sets.

However, keep in mind that there are many gorgeous guesthouses and hotels located close to Monet’s home in case you are able to spend a night or two.

This will really allow you to experience Giverny’s hidden charms, extensive grounds and the quaint town’s attractions.

We are certain you’ll love the ambience of the area so much that it’ll keep you coming back.