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Encounter Norway in Remote and Refined Svalbard Near the North Pole

PHOTO: © Dominic Barrington-Hurtigruten

If there is anything on this planet that can be labelled as ‘unique’, this is it! Remote Arctic Svalbard Archipelago is one of the last great wildernesses on earth and is just 1300km (810 miles) below the North Pole. Bespoke travel company ‘Up Norway’ offers a variety of exceptional and memorable experiences and have created two enchanting itineraries for the ultimate arctic adventure.

Far Out in Svalbard

The exotic island is remote enough to house the world’s biggest seed bank yet refined enough to boast one of the world’s most extensive wine cellars.  Your adventure includes inimitable landscapes, wildlife, surprisingly diverse cuisine including the northernmost brewed beer and insights into Arctic permaculture in sub-zero conditions. Cruise the stunning fjords and conquer glaciers with your new ice-climbing skills. You may even have an ‘Attenborough’ moment and spot birds, whales, seals or polar bears.  You will also visit the mysteriously abandoned pyramid, an eerie but picturesque uninhabited ghost town which was a former Russian mining establishment.

Duration: 7 days Best time to visit: June – September


  • Airport express transfers to and from the accommodation
  • Accommodation and breakfast on days 1 and 4, and accommodation and full board on days 2 and 4
  • Beer tasting at Svalbard Brewery, an instructional tour on Arctic permaculture, a guided cruise and glacier hike excursion
  • A Co2 investment of approx. UKP 23
  • Up Norway services and digital travel guide.           

For full itinerary click here

 A Taste of Svalbard

One of the world’s largest untouched areas of nature and 20,000 bottles of wine awaits you at 78 degrees north.  Epic Arctic cuisine, warm local hospitality, an exhilarating dogsledding ride, exploring majestic glaciers and riding a snowmobile are just some of the experiences you will have on this adventure.  This experience is also highly recommended for fine dining and wine lovers.

Duration: 3 days Best time to visit: All Year


  • 2 nights accommodation at the Svalbard Hotel
  • A 4-course seasonal menu at Gruvelageret restaurant which sits beneath a glacier
  • Half day dogsledding experience and Huset Artic Dining with a 5-course menu
  • Up Norway services and digital travel guide

For full itinerary click here


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