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Experience the Edo Period at a Japanese Castle Town Hotel

The city of Osaka, southwest of Tokyo in the Honshu region of Japan, is widely known as the “Nation’s Kitchen”, in recognition of its incredible culinary traditions and offering of delectable street food. Osaka has always served as a modern economic hub of Japan. But venture just outside the city, and you’ll find yourself amidst architecture and traditions of yesteryear. 

One hour north by train from Osaka is the town of Tamba-Sasayama, a classical Edo-style Japanese castle town over four centuries old. Complete with stone walls and a moat, there is also something you might not expect: the luxury Hotel Nipponia. With five different residential villas each offering a harmonious blend of traditional architecture (like the iconic Japanese sliding doors known as shōji) and high-end modern amenities, Hotel Nipponia has turned this quiet castle into a can’t-miss destination for travellers interested in the lifestyle, culture, and history of Japan. 

The town itself is charming. Quaint walled-streets are home to lovely tea shops, cafes and the town’s own traditional style pottery galleries. Far from the noise and bustle of urban Japan, Tamba-Sasayama boasts clean mountain-air, natural environs, and renowned cuisine made up of high-quality local ingredients from black soy beans, matsutake and mountain yams to the prized Tajima wagyu beef. 

Those seeking quiet escape will feel replenished at Hotel Nipponia: a luxurious and compelling journey back in time to the Japan of a different era; and a perfect spot from which to explore the best of the Kansai region with ease. 

For more information on Sasayama and Hotel Nipponia, including a compelling video showcasing the restoration of each villa, please visit: https://www.sasayamastay.jp/en/