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Exploring the Italian Lake District

Sunset over the beautiful town of Varenna, Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy

It’s easy to see why the Italian lakes feature on so many vacation bucket lists. But with each lake providing unbeatable, authentic Italian charm, it can be difficult to choose which lake to visit on your next vacation.

If you’re planning on becoming one of the 6.1 million Americans that touch down in ‘Bel Paese’ each year, our travel experts have rounded up our top four Italian lakes you must see on your travels.

  1. Lake Como

Top of the list is Lake Como. A wishbone-shaped lake just 50 miles north of the elegant city of Milan, Lake Como is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Welcoming plenty of American visitors each year, this mystical lake is one of the world’s most beautiful hotspots. The blend of traditional Italian charm in the many hamlets with distinguished Italian designer shops makes this lake a firm favorite among the rich and famous.

  • Lake Garda

If you’re looking for some rest in tranquil surroundings, Lake Garda is the ideal destination for your next Italy vacation tour. Arguably one of the most beautiful regions in Northern Italy, this serene lake has plenty to offer.

While quaint, there’s still plenty to do in this wonderful region. To start with, spend a few days immersing yourself in the alluring old towns lining the lake’s shores, breathing in the beautiful landscapes. If you’d like to get under the skin of this incredible lake, there are plenty of private tour guides who will help you discover the most authentic sightseeing opportunities.

For families and couples with a keen sense of adventure, you can even take to the water for a spot of paragliding, windsurfing and hang-gliding. There are plenty of walking, biking, golf and sailing opportunities too. Or you could just spend a few days dolce far niente by the pool or beach.

  • Lake Iseo

Not as popular as the previously mentioned lakes but just as breathtaking, Lake Iseo is a tranquil spot that makes for a relaxing vacation. Surrounded by beautiful towns, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the quintessential gift shops and restaurants lining the shores of the lake. As you walk down the high street, you’ll be greeted with the pleasant smell of fresh coffee and ice-cold gelato.

Iseo is the tourist capital of the lake but the wonderful towns of Lovere, and Pisogne are also ripe for exploring. If you fancy going off the beaten path, the island of Monte Isola can be visited by boat.

  • Lake Maggiore

One of the offbeat Italian lakes, Lake Maggiore is a delightful destination with something for all tastes. Experience one of the renowned mount ain hikes up theMonte Tamaro Mountain, discover the medieval architecture in the Borromean Islands or head to the botanical gardens for a floral fix.

Whichever Italian Lake you’ve got your heart set on, you can’t go far wrong with the four options above. Which one is right for you will depend on your preferences so it’s a good idea to contact a travel expert to help you decide which Italian Lake to visit next.