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Famous Movie Locations in Las Vegas

While some film scenes in Las Vegas have come and gone, and others merely existed in theory, you can still find many locations near the Strip and city center where some famous movies were captured. Spending time in Las Vegas can be very exciting, especially if you’re a fun lover. 

Movie Locations in Las Vegas

With the likes of blackjack, glitz, and glamour, and bright lights readily available for download and play during your filmmaking adventure – it’s no doubt that Las Vegas has the most memorable settings for film developers. The desert treasure offers players an excellent opportunity to enjoy adventure while doing what they love most in Las Vegas – online betting!

If you are planning your trip to Vegas, it is vital to equip yourself with some water bottles. Having a hat on your head could also make things better for you. This is critical as it helps you beat the temperature. For Las Vegas holidays, things are never complete without visiting the following areas:

1. Tropicana

Tropicana offers the most appropriate filmmaking scenery in Las Vegas. It is listed among the region’s home of the 1950s casinos, and while it has undergone some renovations since that time, it has maintained the touch of vintage elegance, like the red Chevy of 1957 parked at the front. 

It is found in Las Vegas and is interrelated with the Mob, both on and off-screen in its history, and features in the initial Godfather film as Michael Corleone’s casino. It was later renamed the Tropigala to shun legal issues – not because the pseudonym was hard to speculate. For about 50 years, the casino played home to the Folies Bergère show (French-inspired), with its showgirls featuring in the Diamonds are Forever Bond film of 1971and Elvis’ Viva Las Vegas. 

Tropicana hotel, Las Vegas

2. Bellagio

Moving away from Tropicana, you can now turn north of the Strip to Bellagio, located a mile away but in Las Vegas. The location plays a significant role in the 2001 recreations, including the 1960s sequels of Frank Sinatra Brat Pack film Ocean’s 11. Jerry Weintraub, producer of Ocean’s 11, and Steve Wynn, Bellagio owner, were great pals; hence, allowing the production team 24-hour footage of their film for five weeks in different cities, including Las Vegas. 

Other areas of interest in the film include the botanical gardens, the casino, Picasso restaurant & the lobby, its Dale Chihuly glass-made ceiling, and the art gallery. However, the most renowned setting is the lake located at the casino front, used by the gang to enjoy the music’s display of choreographed fountains. At this location, you can easily watch the light and music show every 30 minutes during the afternoon, and after every 15 minutes from 8 pm to midnight. 

Las Vegas - Bellagio Hotel Garden

3. Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Yet, you can bet that indeed the Westgate Resort & Casino in Las Vegas is an excellent filmmaking location. The region is renowned for proving to be the best setting for James Bond’s Diamonds are Forever production. Oblivious of what awaits him, the spy dissents that he is too advanced to involve himself in a minor smuggling issue in Las Vegas. 

Unknown to him, plans are underway for the super villain clones to be deployed during the interception. There is a looming mass destruction threat and massive laser (diamond-propelled) – all against the Nevada desert backdrop! Historically, Bond lives in Tropicana; however, some Las Vegas hotels featured in the movie, including the Dunes, the Sands, the Mint, and the Landmark, have been closed. 

However, the international (featuring in the movie as White House) in Las Vegas is currently known as Westgate, re-branded around 2014. The building has undergone several changes – from Las Vegas Hilton to LVH; yet, to the significant role in the Elvis Presley films – Indecent ProposalThat’s The Way It is, and Over The Top


4. Caesars Palace Las Vegas

If you want to explore the planet Hollywood, then Caesars Palace is the place to be. There are various Las Vegas flights from the Las Vegas airport that will take you to the Caesars Palace. Opened around 1960s, Caesars Place assumed the Roman Empire design, with a massive Julius Caesar statue located at the gate and the design consisting of mosaics, statues, marble, and fountain. It gives Las Vegas some form of identity.

It mostly features in The Hangover on screen as well as Part III of the movie. Next on the line is a display of the hotel that hosts the guys on their drama-packed weekend. The areas used for the Las Vegas shows include the entrance, check-in desk, lobby, and the Garden of the Gods puddle. While the posh room is constructed based on the Emperors Suite of the hotel, in essence, it was refashioned within a Hollywood atelier. 

Caesars Palace à Las Vegas

Have you been to Vegas? Which other locations do you know? Please share with us in the comments section below.

Author Bio:

Currently enjoying his film retirement life, Thomas Glare enjoys blogging and sharing his experiences working behind the camera. He has shot movies in cities like New York and Miami. However, in all his time filming, he has never seen more exotic and glamorous places like those in Las Vegas.


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