Feed your ex to the animals at the San Antonio Zoo

The San Antonio Zoo has launched their Cry me a Cockroach Fundraiser

Valentine’s Day, a day filled with romance and outrageous displays of affection. Most embrace this day, but those who have been slighted by love this past year may have a slightly different view on this day dedicated to celebrating love. So, if revenge is a vibe this year, the San Antonio Zoo may have a solution to for the loathing lover.

The San Antonio Zoo is hosting their annual Cry me a Cockroach Fundraiser, where individuals can name a cockroach, rodent, or head of lettuce (a nice vegan option) after their ex and feed it to a zoo animal. Imagine the gratitude of feeding “Brian the Cockroach” to a resident lizard, watching an anaconda swallow up “Mike the Rodent” or serving up “Jessica the Lettuce Head” to a kangaroo and her joey.

While this may seem slightly gruesome, patrons are actually mending their broken hearts with a good deed. Not only are the animals of the San Antonio Zoo receiving a scrumptious meal, but all the proceeds from purchasing a cockroach, rodent, or head of lettuce help to fund the San Antonio Zoo, which is a completely nonprofit organization.