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Swap Your At-Home Fitness Routine for Water Sports on the Caribbean Sea

Water sports: every beach resort has them and for good reason, they are great replacement for your home workout routine when on vacation. Nowadays, with at-home workouts being the hottest fitness trend around, everyone has their favorite instructor. So this Caribbean resort company is taking that approach with its own fan favorites. Whether it’s paddle boarding for the first time, snorkeling the for millionth time or getting your sea legs on a small schooner, the water sport supervisors at Elite Island Resorts, a leading collection of all-inclusive beachfront resorts, are passionate about what they do and truly feel they have the best job on the planet, and we’d have to agree! 

Meet Elite Island Resorts’ water sports team at Palm Island, The Grenadines, St. James’s Club Morgan Bay, St. Lucia, Hammock Cove Antigua and The Verandah Resort & Spa Antigua, and get inspired to dive, snorkel, windsurf, sail, kayak or paddle board on your next Caribbean vacation.

St. James’s Club Morgan Bay, St. Lucia: Aloysius Fredrick, beach attendant/sailing instructor, is twenty-seven-year-old and a proud father and originally from the east coast fishing village of Dennery. He is a new addition to St. James’s Club family and enjoys his new position as a beach attendant and sailing instructor and guests are charmed by his totally chill St. Lucian vibe and wicked funny sense of humor. A passionate footballer, Aloysius also plays mid field for the St. Lucia national football team, bringing guests his enthusiasm and sportsmanship to teaching water sports at the resort.

Hammock Cove Antigua: Julio Ramos, water sports supervisor, is originally from Cuba, a football player by profession and arrived in Antigua in 2016. Previously, Julio took care of all the groundskeeping and landscaping before Hammock Cove even opened in 2020 and has since taken up supervising the water sports, which he loves. During pre-opening, Elite Island Resorts Chairman and founder, Robert A. Barrett (who is very attentive to the landscaping at each of the resorts), challenged Julio if he could swim from Hammock Cove across the bay and back then he’d give him the water sports job. Julio of course did it with flying colors, and now he’s one of the most mentioned staff members by guests and you can find him by the beach with a big smile ready to get guests out on the water. 

Palm Island, The Grenadines: Kelson Derrick, water sport attendantbegan his journey at Palm Island in 2020 quickly becoming an indispensable part of the team for his friendly and approachable personality. Kelson is a local of Union Island and has spent a lot of time on the water kite surfing and diving. His favorite part of his job is providing Hobie Sail lessons. According to Kelson, it’s fun and rewarding to show guests how to use the Hobie Cat, for many it’s their first time at sailing and they leave with an amazing and unforgettable experience.

The Verandah Resort & Spa Antigua: Julian Douglas, water sports supervisor, grew up near the water helping his grandfather who was a fisherman and now has a huge passion for windsurfing and sailboats. His passion extends to ensuring guests have an incredible and memorable experience sharing with them his life’s motto “sail fast, live slow.” Words to live by.

All Elite Island Resorts offer an extensive list of complimentary non-motorized water sports including at their additional properties St. James’s Club & Villas, Antigua,  Pineapple Beach Club Antigua, Galley Bay Resort & Spa, Antigua and The Club Barbados. For more information and reservations, visit www.eliteislandresorts.com,