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Giving Back this Holiday Season with Aeroplan

Aeroplan is committed to delivering as much value as possible to its members, associated brands, employees and the community. This means using the power of its people, products and partnerships to drive positive change. The Aeroplan Donation Program is one way to do this.

When the Aeroplan Member Donation Program launched back in 2006, Aeroplan was inspired by the wide- ranging interests of its millions of members and found an innovative way to use the power of its loyalty currency. The program benefits hundreds of Canadian not-for-profit organizations dedicated to improving lives and enriching communities at home and around the world – including eight outstanding core partners of the program:

Aeroplan Members can donate their miles online to the charities of their choice. Donated miles are accumulated in dedicated ‘charitable pooling accounts’ and used by non-profit organizations to offset air travel costs for volunteers or for families with medical or other emergency travel needs. Miles can also be used for hotel stays, car rentals, merchandise such as laptops and even raffles to help raise money. To donate Aeroplan Miles, members can visit: aeroplan.com/donate.

Program Facts

  • To date, Aeroplan and its members have donated over 1.1 billion miles to Canadian charities that help improve lives and assist communities locally, across Canada and around the world.
  • Aeroplan Members can make one-time donations and can also choose to automatically donate two per cent of all miles accumulated during each transaction to a number of charitable partners. Members interested in donating two per cent of their Aeroplan Miles can simply visit their profile page on aeroplan.com, select the donation opt-in and the partner to which they would like to donate their miles.
  • In addition to creating social value through Aeroplan Mile donations, Aeroplan also makes it easy for members to use miles to create environmental value through carbon offsets. On top of making it easy for members to purchase carbon offsets, Aeroplan also offsets carbon emissions from flights taken by its core charitable partners using donated miles.

For more information about the program, please visit: aeroplan.com/donate.


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