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Great Plains Launches Art for Conservation

Beverly Joubert’s Fine Art Collection Now Available

Great Plains co-founder Beverly Joubert is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer, wildlife conservationist, and National Geographic Explorer-at-Large with her husband Dereck Joubert. Her powerful wildlife prints have been on display at the five-star Great Plains camps in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Kenya and are now all available for the first time in a new collection called Art for Conservation. Great Plains clientele around the world are now able to support and showcase the spirit of Africa on their walls.

Following recent camp openings in Kenya and Zimbabwe, Great Plains have introduced fresh art in their prestigious camps and created a catalogue of the new Art for Conservation so guests and followers can see these images and the way they are displayed at the camps in Botswana, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Joubert has pledged 50% of the proceeds of Art for Conservation to go towards Project Ranger in the month of November 2021.

“We had thought that Project Ranger would be a ‘pandemic contained’ project for us. The problem is far greater than this cycle, as devastating as that is. Rangers are still on furlough, poaching increasing significantly in the Southern African region. While our $1million has been distributed and being used well to date, it is time for us to adjust our timelines and dig deeper to help rangers and frontline conservationists,” says Beverly Joubert.

Entirely self-taught, Beverly Joubert has been recognised with her husband internationally for the raw authenticity of their work with accolades including: The World Ecology Award, a Peabody Award, 22 Emmy nominations and 8 Emmy Awards as well as the Presidential Order of Merit in Botswana. Art for Conservation is the first time Beverly’s entire portfolio catalogued on location in Great Plains camps will be available for clientele worldwide to purchase.

“The fine art in our camps is an extension of the design that we take on together, equally, as we develop each camp, its architecture, interior design and decor. As owners, we feel that sense of creative responsibility to take you on our journey, one we have developed as adventurers and National Geographic Explorers, photographers, filmmakers and conservationists. We hope to share some of the iconic wildlife we have worked with, embodied in these images, to create a sense of excitement and awe inside the frame and beyond that. Taking one of these home should be more than a memento, it is your personal key to that window back to Africa, in your mind and in your dreams, as you plan your next safari,” commented Dereck and Beverly Joubert.

Whilst the Jouberts have won international recognition for their films and conservation work their greatest rewards have come not in the form of trophies but rather in their conservation successes, saving the wildlife they are so passionate about and the wilderness which has become their home.

Beverly Joubert’s Art for Conservation collection can be purchased via here. In a special offer, there is a 10% discount only in November 2021