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Heli-skiing in Canada with Last Frontier Heliskiing

heli-skiing in canada

In 1996, founding partners George Rosset, Franz Fux, Mike Watling and Geoff Straight set out to explore uncharted mountain ranges in Norther BC, Canada and make first descents in what would become Last Frontier Heliskiing. That passion for exploration and adventure lives in our DNA. Everything we do at Last Frontier revolves around the mountains and the journey of chasing snow.

Today the company operates two remote lodges and boasts the world’s largest heliskiing area, with 10,100 square KM of terrain located in Northern BC, just south of the Alaskan border. The company’s skiable terrain receives an annual bounty of 15 to 25 meters of snow, has 1,000+ named runs and a diverse variety of terrain that includes high alpine, massive glaciers, sprawling tree runs and everything in between. 

For further information visit www.lastfrontierheli.com


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