As the coronavirus has kept people from leaving their homes, spring vacation plans will have to be postponed. But hopefully, social distancing measures will have been relaxed by the time summer comes around so families can take trips that have been planned.

You may have to reschedule your spring activities for the next season, but that’s a good thing! At least you have enough time to add a few more ideas to your list.

That said, you might want to update your “Things to Do” with these fun activities.

1. Go for a hiking trip

Nothing beats having to escape city life for a day with Mother Nature. Choose a great hiking location out of town and let your kids appreciate the great outdoors for what it is. Pack your camping equipment and bring along a GPS tracker for a healthy engagement with nature!

2. Go on a beach barbecue

Of course, no summer activity list is complete without a bit of sand, sun, and surf. The beach is perfect not only for getting a natural tan, but also for building sand castles, playing volleyball, and collecting sea shells. Why not also enjoy eating al fresco? Marinade some ribs, bring a grill along, and cook great barbecue for lunch or an evening luau. You can even do this on the Fourth of July.

3. Take a boat ride

If the beach is too hot for you, you can always go on a boat ride with your family. No doubt, Cape Cod offers the best boat tours this side of the East Coast. Some of the best locations include the Cape Cod Canal and Barnstable Harbor, which offers amazing eco-tours. It’s even more amazing if you own your own boat. You can prepare it with special upgrades and features to maximize your boat ride. You can find improvements for your boat online. If you are shopping for a T-top for a center console boat, you can check out Stryker T-Tops for designs that suit you.

4. Go on a historical and heritage tour

Summer is not only a time for fun. You can give it a more educational and culturally-enriching twist by taking your family to visit heritage sites near you. Check out places like the Chatham Lighthouse or the JFK Hyannis Museum which houses a vast collection of Kennedy Family memorabilia.

5. Go on a cross country road trip

If you are not so sure where to go for the summer, pick any location far from home and go on an extended road trip. You will find great natural attractions along the way, so you plan as much as possible but be flexible with your itinerary and expect surprises.

The summer season is more than a month away, but you might want to plan ahead. You could be sitting at home watching Netflix for now, but expect to make the most of the summer when the quarantine period ends!


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