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Mott 32 Singapore Opens at Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is gearing up to open award-winning Chinese restaurant Mott 32, in partnership with restaurant group Maximal Concepts, this Friday, 24 January. Following locations in Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Seoul, and Vancouver, the much-anticipated Singapore opening signals the arrival of what Maximal Concepts co-founder, Malcolm Wood, describes as “a highly-unique dining experience, unlike anything else that’s out there in terms of Chinese fine dining.”

Since opening six years ago in Hong Kong, Mott 32 has become renowned for its signature approach to regional Chinese cuisine, which is characterised by time-honoured recipes handed down from generations, prepared using progressive cooking techniques and premium ingredients. Paired with an exceptional mixology programme and a stunning ambience designed by award-winning interior designer Joyce Wang, Mott 32 is set to impress diners in Singapore.

Maximal Concepts co-founder Xuan Mu, says, “Singapore has a sophisticated and incredibly talented dining scene. The opening of Mott 32 Singapore marks a significant milestone for us, and we hope that it will be well-received amongst Singaporeans.”

Helming the kitchens of Mott 32 Singapore is Hong Kong-born Executive Chef Chan Wai Keung. With over 35 years of professional culinary experience, Chef Chan has worked in the kitchens of top hotels and restaurants across major cities such as Beijing, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Seoul, Singapore, and Taipei. The veteran chef is known for his mastery in traditional Cantonese cooking, specialising in seafood, dim sum and soups.

“At Mott 32, we are dedicated to serving authentic, timeless recipes that pay homage to the rich heritage of Chinese cuisine. Our approach to cooking is to retain the essence and original flavours of the dish, while elevating it using quality produce. We welcome guests from all around the world to explore the intricacies of Chinese cuisine at Mott 32 Singapore, and look forward to showcase a combination of Mott 32’s iconic dishes and Singapore-exclusive creations,” said Chef Chan Wai-Keung, Executive Chef, Mott 32 Singapore.

Mott 32 Singapore will be serving iconic dishes from the original Mott 32 menu, such as the Barbecue Pluma Iberico Pork Glazed with Yellow Mountain Honey, and the Apple Wood Roasted Peking Duck with Mott 32’s “Signature Cut”. With a 48-hour preparation time, these ducks are cured in a special marinade and smoked over apple wood, before being presented and carved tableside. Available in limited quantities daily, these ducks are made-to-order, and require a 24-hour advance reservation.     

Mott 32 Singapore-exclusive dishes (left to right): Crispy Prawns with Salty Egg Yolk and Oatmeal, Wok-Fried Live Whole Crab in Black Pepper Singapore Style, Signature Crispy Sugar Coated Peking Duck Bun 

Chef Chan and his team will also be executing a number of offerings exclusive to Mott 32 Singapore, such as the Signature Crispy Sugar Coated Peking Duck BunCrispy Prawns with Salty Egg Yolk and Oatmeal, and one of Singapore’s most well-known dishes, the Wok-Fried Live Whole Crab in Black Pepper Singapore Style. The restaurant will also offer fiery dishes to satiate spice lovers in this city, such as the Braised Black Cod with Chopped Chili, and Poached Giant Garoupa Fillet in Szechuan Pepper Broth.

In addition to the a la carte menu, Mott 32 is also renowned for its handmade Cantonese dim sum items which often feature a refined gastronomic twist, such as Soft Quail Egg, Iberico PorkBlack Truffle Siu MaiSouth Australian ScallopGaroupa, Caviar & Gold Leaf, Egg White DumplingSignature Crispy Sugar Coated BBQ Iberico Pork Bun and Australian Wagyu Beef Puff. The full dim sum menu will be available at Mott 32 at lunchtime from 11 February 2020, with a small selection available at dinner. 

As much a part of the restaurant’s DNA as high quality Chinese cuisine, Mott 32’s bar programme offers a truly world-class experience. In addition to an extensive wine collection ranging from the best of the Old World, to eclectic New World wines, Mott 32’s mixologists have created a selection of signature cocktails inspired by Asian ingredients and culture, such as the Hanami (Michter’s Bourbon, Tanqueray Gin, Umeshu, Yuzu, Shiso, Ginger Beer, Chrysanthemum) and Hong Kong Iced Tea (Blanco Avion Tequila, Lillet Blanc, Blackcurrant, Jasmine Tea).

The restaurant also features three exclusive cocktails for Singapore that are inspired by the tropical garden city. The Velvet Crane (Gin, Rose, Pistachio, Yellow Chartreuse, Egg White) is a floral and herbaceous tipple with hints of nuttiness, while the Harbour Dawn (Butter Washed Vanilla Rum, Coconut, Pandan, Almond, Verjus, Champagne) boasts notes of buttery vanilla shortbread, a touch of effervescence and hints of tropical goodness.

Mott 32 is a Chinese restaurant that operates with sustainability as a driving force. This takes shape in the form of responsible sourcing of ingredients, looking to markets which adhere to strict laws of ethical and sustainable fishing and farming practices. The restaurant is aligned with Marina Bay Sands’ wider sustainability efforts in procuring its seafood responsibly where possible. Prawns, lobster, black cod, and scallops used at Mott 32 Singapore are certified by leading stewardship councils to be responsibly sourced.

In the same vein, Mott 32’s bar serves environmentally-friendly cocktails using ecoSPIRITS, the world’s first low carbon, low waste spirits distribution technology, in a bid to minimise its carbon footprint, packaging, and glass waste. A definitively ‘Made in Asia’ technology, ecoSPIRITS is a closed loop distribution system which provides premium quality spirits to bars, hotels and restaurants, using a system that almost entirely eliminates packaging waste in the spirits supply chain. Mott 32 is the first restaurant in Marina Bay Sands to adopt the technology.

Award-winning Joyce Wang Studio has retained the DNA and spirit of Mott 32 in their design for the Singapore restaurant. The studio has reimagined the restaurant with colonial details and nods to the aesthetic movement. An abundance of greenery is paired with porcelain botanical patterns and a matrix of lighting, which create an entirely unique setting.

The bar and lounge area are imbued with intricate details; the bar front is coated in ancient Chinese tiles, with apothecary drawers that add an air of mystery and intrigue, while communal seating invites guests in with its surrounding planted walls. An exclusive peacock chair with a splayed wide back adds an oriental spin to the design of the bar area, along with oriental Chinese inspired lanterns hanging from a classic Mott 32 style ceiling of netted copper. The botanical theme is mirrored in the colour scheme, with earthy tones of terracotta, teal, volcanic grey terrazzo and rust dispersed throughout the space.

Over at the main dining room, a decorative canopy reminiscent of pagodas makes a compelling centerpiece with its jade tone – again, heralding its Chinese-inspired design. Soft furnishings bring the dining space alive with pale mint sofas, with Mott 32’s classic bucket chairs filling the space under the impressive canopy.

A green wall with a vitrine display sits at the back bar, bringing a touch of greenery inside the restaurant as a nod to Singapore as the ‘Garden City.’ Rainforest wood marble is also used as the bar top to suggest a touch of nature. Each Mott 32 venue around the world features a statement chandelier that has been designed to resonate with the city itself. The Singapore chandelier features metal mesh on the outer shade to lend an industrial touch, whilst the soft inner fabric shade is hand-painted with foliage to reflect the contrasts of Singapore – an industrial metropolis set amongst lush, verdant nature.

Located at B1-42/43/44, Galleria Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, the 149-seater Mott 32 will be open for dinner daily starting 24 January 2020, with lunch service commencing 11 February 2020.

For more information visit marinabaysands.com, and join in the conversations @mott32sg.


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