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How I Replaced My Lost Birth Certificate Quickly and Continued My Heritage Journey

Back in January, I was traveling all over Europe enjoying life and tracing my ancestry line. However, I lost my bag with all my documents in it. While I took quite a relaxed approach, reported them stolen, and got emergency travel documents from the nearest embassy, I soon realized I messed up…

My birth certificate went missing as well. That’s when I started thinking I should just pack my bags and come back another time. But I wanted to at least try to find a solution.

That’s when I came across a website that saved me from this particular pickle.

How Birthcertificatestate Saved Me Time and Helped Me Trace My Lineage

So I set all of my panicking aside and as mentioned, found a website – brithcertificatestate.com – and I said I’d give it a shot. At first, I was a bit skeptical and asked myself—is Birthcertificatestate.com legit enough? But I did my research, discovered a handful of positive reviews, and found out that they’re actually an established company with over 8 years of experience and 100,000 happy customers on their resume, and I decided to give it a go.

The steps were quite simple and it only took me around 9 minutes to complete. There were 4 basic steps and I had to fill out some information I can always dish out at the drop of the hat.

I had to insert some basic information such as my driver’s license number, social security number as well as my parent’s info. Then I had the ability to pick whether I wanted the standard processing time, which was of course cheaper, or the expedited one which I needed dearly so I chose that one. After submitting I realized that I made a mistake. I had entered the wrong state and I was afraid that it was already too late. However, I was very surprised when they sent me an email to confirm everything and I had the ability to correct that mistake.

I was quite surprised that they charged me for their services after they ensured that everything was in perfect order. That’s when I realized that they were in fact very legit and that I would receive what I paid for.

And that was it. I got my birth certificate in just under a week and I was able to continue my research.

Tips on What to Do If You Lose Important Documents While Traveling

Losing important documents while traveling can be a stressful experience. I know because it has happened to me one too many times. But those errors taught me some tricks that I am glad I can share with everyone now.

 Here are some tips to help you manage the situation effectively:

Immediate Steps to Take

  1. Report the loss: Contact local authorities to report the loss or theft of your documents. This can help prevent identity theft and provide a record for future reference.
  2. Visit the nearest embassy or consulate: They can issue emergency travel documents and provide guidance on replacing other lost documents.
  3. Notify financial institutions: If any financial documents, such as credit cards or bank statements, are lost, contact your bank to report the loss and prevent unauthorized transactions.
  4. Keep copies: Always travel with photocopies or digital copies of important documents stored securely in the cloud or on a password-protected device.

Preventative Measures

  1. Use a travel wallet: Keep your documents organized and secure in a travel wallet or money belt.
  2. Separate your documents: Don’t keep all your important documents in one place. Spread them out between your luggage, carry-on, and wallet.
  3. Register with your embassy: Before traveling, register with your embassy. This can expedite assistance if you lose your documents.

Wrap Up

Using Birthcertificate.com made replacing my lost birth certificate quick and easy, allowing me to continue tracing my lineage without any further delays. If you find yourself in a similar situation, this tool can save you time and hassle.

Author: Dimitar Vladimiroski

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