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How to Avoid Car Accidents While Traveling

Photo by Darwin Vegher

Spring and summer are when many Americans wave goodbye to the snow, dust off their suitcases, and set off for a travel adventure somewhere new. As a result, it’s perhaps not surprising to learn that car accident-related deaths increase during the warmest months of the year. With more miles traveled and more vehicles on the road, collisions can be an unfortunate consequence.

While you can never avoid all car accidents, there are actions you can take to potentially reduce the risk:

Service Your Vehicle Before Setting Off

Servicing your vehicle may not prevent a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, but it may prevent vehicle failure-related collisions. Consider taking your vehicle to a trusted mechanic in the days before your travels to ensure it’s safe for the road.

Mechanics can check your fluids, hoses, tires, tire pressures, and all belts and safety features. You can then enjoy peace of mind knowing your vehicle is as prepared as you are for your vacation.

Allow Plenty of Time

The roads are busy in summer, with many families road-tripping to fun summer destinations. As a result, you’re bound to strike traffic on the road. If you’ve made plans to arrive at your accommodation or another location at a specific time, allow plenty of time to get there.

Account for a slower travel speed, fuel stops, and breaks to stretch your legs and eat. When you’ve got more time to spare, you may feel less stressed about your timeline and may be less likely to speed and get into an accident.

Get Enough Rest

Most Americans travel an average of 284 miles one way to get to their summer trip destination. That can mean that most drivers will be behind the wheel for five-plus hours, not accounting for stops or traffic delays.

It’s only natural to feel tired after driving for that long. You might also experience fatigue related to an early start or a lack of sleep the night before. Getting enough rest can be crucial for safe travels. After all, fatigued driving accounts for over 320,000 accidents in the United States annually.

Follow the Road Rules

The road rules are in place to keep us and other road users safe. As tempting as it can be to flout the rules to get somewhere quicker, it may put you at an increased risk of an accident.

Stick to the speed limit, follow signposted rules, and be respectful of other drivers on the road. While you might get to your destination later than expected, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you stayed on the right side of the law and got there safely.

Share the Driving

Long road trips can be tiring when you must focus on the road. Keep your mind fresh by sharing the driving with other competent drivers in your car. Swapping every few hours on an extended road trip means you can take time to nap, eat, and enjoy some of the scenery.

There is no sure-fire way to avoid an accident on the road. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself safer. Follow these tips above to potentially improve your chances of having a fun summer road trip that goes off without a hitch.