As a parent you want to try and honor your children’s want for independence. However if your kids are technically a legal adult at age 18 and they want to travel on their own, but they’re still living at home this can be a difficult endeavor. Find confidence in your children traveling the country through using websites that are geared towards a younger audience.

Follow some of the tips below to ensure that your children are safe while on their domestic travels!

Tips For Ensuring Your Children’s Safety While They’re Traveling

 If your kids are adventurous and want to travel the United States, but aren’t sure where to stay, you as a parent may want to look at a website that pulls together a whole list of hotels or motels that offer options for travelers under the age of 21.

While looking at these websites, you’ll be able to receive recommendations from other continuous travelers who have stayed at these hotels. You’ll also be able to receive information about past traveler’s opinions on the hotel.

They’ll be able to tell you if the hotel was difficult to get to, and they’ll be able to update you on the security of the hotel. You’ll want to be on the lookout for places that require a keycard to get into the front door after hours. You’ll also want to have a receptionist in the front lobby who could speak to other travelers as they came in.

Additionally, you may want to look for hotels where they have security cameras present. Most places that have security camera will strongly discourage intruders. Past travelers will be able to  tell you about the kind of locks that are on the door to your child’s hotel room so you can gain a general idea of how safe it is.

Why Use A Listing Service Website?

Another advantage of an aggregate website is that you’ll be able to look at multiple hotels in the same city all in the same place.  Aggregate websites will also allow you to compare the cost of hotels in various cities across the country. Through this price and competitor comparison you and your child will be able to make an educated decision in which hotel will be best for their vacation.

Another important aspect of your child’s stay in accommodations when they’re without you is the helpfulness of the front desk staff, along with how clean the hotel is as a whole. If the hotel is not clean, it tends to have a “sketchy vibe” to it then. If this is the case, it is probably not as high  a quality of hotel, and you may want to consider paying for a slightly nicer hotel accommodation for your child and their friend to stay at.

 When helping your child plan out their cross country road trip, take a couple of these tips into consideration. For more information and options check out Youth Sociable


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